Former #RHONY Jules Wainstein Can’t Pay Her Bills Even With Child Support — Electricity Shut Off!

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The lights are out over at former Real Housewives of New York star, Jules Wainstein’s house!

According to court documents, the electricity was cut and the reality star can’t pay her bills, even with a five-figure child support check, due to her penchant for retail therapy. This was the claim from Michael Wainstein in divorce court on Tuesday, exposing the couple’s dirty laundry to the judge.

“Last week my client paid the defendant $12,000,” Michael’s attorney, Morghan Richardson said to the judge. “So she’s had $25,000 from the car sale and the $12,000 in [child support] arrears. Then two days later the electricity was cut from the marital residence. That’s where the children are living.”

In the battle of the lawyers, Michael’s attorney said Jules “spends freely on Amazon” while Jules’ attorney, Allan Mayefsky, claimed the Con Edison bill is Michael’s responsibility.

“The electricity gets turned off. Only when it gets turned off does he go there and work something out so his wife and kids weren’t sitting in the dark,” Mayefsky told the judge.

According to Page Six, Michael was able to work out a payment plan with the electric company and the lights were turned back on, but he is asking the judge for a reduction in child support payments. Currently the height challenged real estate investor is paying $10,000 per month and only wants to pay $2,500.

Michael said that Jules’ “extravagant lifestyle” is causing him to go broke, while Jules’ attorney is alleging Michael is hiding money. Jules earned $60K for her one season of RHONY, and so far her detox drink – Modern Alkeme – hasn’t made any revenue.

The couple have reportedly not filed tax returns from the years 2008 – 2015, so no telling who made what and where it all went. The judge will make a ruling in the upcoming days, but he seems to be on Team Michael.

“The picture of him being someone rolling in money is not emerging,” The judge said about Michael.


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