Wendy Williams Launches Campaign To Get Heather Morris Booted From #DWTS [Video]

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Wendy Williams is on a mission. A mission to have Dancing With the Stars Season 24 contestant, Heather Morris, kicked off the show.

Controversy over Morris’ inclusion began almost immediately due to her professional dancing past as a backup dancer for Beyoncé. Williams wants Morris gone with the dancing wind.

In the past, DWTS has had many C and D-listers on the show with varying dance skills, but for some reason Morris is really stepping on Wendy’s toes. On the March 21st episode of the Wendy Williams Show, Williams encouraged viewers to complain about Morris’ appearance due to her excessive dancing experience. Williams said that Morris, “doesn’t deserve to be on this show.”

If you watched the premier show of DWTS last week, several judges downplayed Morris’ experience, reminding the audience that ballroom dancing is completely different from the hip-hop style Morris was trained in. And in the clip Morris shared of her bio, she claimed all she does now is stay at home with her kids. Morris is paired with professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Williams explained that she “thought long and hard” on how DWTS should deal with this and feels producers need to do something to “shake it up” because the show is getting predictable and boring.

“They’ve never had an invited guest kicked off the show because the crowd resoundingly said that they are too good to even be on the show.” Wendy continued, “Look, you kick Heather off the show, admit to us, the people, that you were wrong to bring her on.”

Wendy then spoke directly to the DWTS producers. “You’ve been on since forever and you need to shake it up in some other way than you’ve been shaking it.”

Many fans have been complaining Morris has an “unfair advantage” but so far her scores have not landed her in the top spot. And during last night’s show, Max could not dance with Morris due to a calf injury he received in rehearsal. Morris danced with a fill-in and received a 30 even though judge Len Goodman was not impressed with her hip-hop moves.


Tell us what you think about Wendy William’s involvement to have Heather Morris booted from the show. Should Wendy shake it off and nature take its course or does she have a point?


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