Betrayed! Lisa Rinna Stood By While Erika Attacked Eileen Davidson — Despite Their History of Backing Each Other!

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Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna have carved out a bestie niche for themselves on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, during the last episode, Rinna silently allowed Erika Girardi to verbally pummel her most loyal confidant.

Let’s rewind — and remember the times Eileen backed Rinna — sometimes even defending the indefensible.

  • Eileen cosigned Rinna’s initial junkie assessment of Kim’s off-kilter behavior during Season 5.
  • Eileen wrote that she “felt sorry” for Rinna, post glass-smash in Amsterdam. “Kim’s slanderous innuendos really pushed her mama-bear buttons,” Eileen wrote.“I look in her eyes, and I now understand.”
  • Eileen dismissed the nasty texts Rinna sent to Kim, pointing to “deep, unresolved feelings” as the reason for Rinna’s covert lash-out.
  • Eileen backed Rinna tirelessly during the Great Munchausen Debate of Season 6. Soapy and Sudsy were in rare form during this drama — practically finishing each other’s sentences.
  • Eileen excused Rinna for tagging Yolanda Foster as the manipulating bitch in charge — pointing out that Rinna was not “mean,” just “processing her feelings.”
  • Eileen aided Rinna in hustling the Munch-blame on over to Lisa Vanderpump — participating in the take-down flop. She repetitively insisted that Rinna “told the truth.”
  • Season 7 began with Eileen writing that she “empathized with Lisa Rinna even more now,” due to common experiences with personal loss. Eileen also said that she continues to “get a kick” out of her zany ally. 
  • Eileen wrote that Rinna’s “heart is in the right place” when it comes to Kim Richards — and “always” has been. Rinna is dubbed her “partner in crime.”
  • Eileen defended Rinna when she was busted in a flat-out lie about things said about Kim Richards. Eileen believes that the gossip was not malicious, and that Rinna truly and definitely forgot that she blurted it anyway. Rinna’s comments were wrong, Eileen said — but she is most definitely not a giant liar-face.

So when Erika lost it and blasted her #1 fan, for daring to mention “kill” and “child” in the same sentence — where was Eileen’s bosom buddy?  Rinna’s focus was on comforting Erika — not defending her loyal friend.

Rinna owes Eileen more than one — but did not pay up.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, airs Tuesday night, at 9:00 p.m. ET, on Bravo. 


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