#RHOA Recap: Kandi Is Sued By Her Former Employee With Phaedra’s Help!

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We join The Real Housewives of Atlanta back in Atlanta because the Hawaiian disaster of a trip is over. Cynthia is preparing for a fashion show starring her daughter, Noelle. In walks Sheree and her son Kairo. This is the first runway show for Kairo and Sheree thinks he should be the star and is destined for greatness. Problem is, Kairo needs to practice. And everyone in the room knows it but Sheree who wants Kairo compensated with more than a backpack.

Next we are with Porsha, who is on the phone with Phaedra figuring out how to print out an online baby-nup that is admissible in court. Phaedra tells Porsha, that she needs a baby “like a hole in the head.” Porsha ignores this advice because she and Todd have exchanged photos of what their baby could look like, and if that’s not a reason to procreate, well then I don’t know what is. Frick tells Frack to forget this journey because she don’t need no baby daddy.

Onto Kenya, who is being visited by her first cousin Che. Che is the daughter of Aunt Lori. Meanwhile, Kenya tells Che what a catastrophe the Hawaii divorce party was. They both agree Phae-Phae, the church lady, preacher of forgiveness, doesn’t know how to forgive. Kenya tells Che she is okay with the breakup with Matt but is worried she may have created an enemy. But, Kenya has a plan. Her dog’s birthday is coming up and Kenya thinks this is a great reason to reach out to Matt. A dog’s birthday.

Across town we are visiting Mama Joyce’s house, as Kandi stops by with Ace to talk about Hawaii. Everyone has a good laugh when Mama Joyce tells Kandi that none of the other ladies like her. They talk about how Phaedra and Apollo may or may not be divorced after all. The thing is, don’t nobody know. Let’s pray. The OLG ladies wonder when they are going to make money at the restaurant, and everyone laughs again. Kandi says they will be planning a small, grand opening because they can’t handle a grand, grand opening.

Over at Lake Bailey, Phaedra stops by and we hardly recognize her. Her hair has blonde highlights and is piled on top of her head and she’s wearing a trashy classy body suit. Well, maybe we do recognize her. Cynthia asks about her divorce from Apollo and Phaedra begrudgingly admits its finale. She doesn’t like that Frack has been yacking her lips, but she and Cynthia agree the process is a process. Phaedra uses this opportunity to explain how tacky it was to celebrate a divorce when it’s supposed to be a private matter. She calls Kenya evil. I mean how dare Kenya throw a party meant to celebrate the next chapter in her friends’ lives. So evil. Cynthia recognizes that Phaedra goes by the ‘Do as I say, not as I do,” restoration teachings.

We are now visiting Porsha at her home when her Todd stops by to hang on her like a leather jacket three sizes too small. Porsha gives Todd some documents and he freaks out. Porsha says it’s only in the event if a baby occurs. You know, like if a hurricane occurs or if an earthquake occurs. Insurance. Todd reads the small print. And read, and reads, and reads. Lord have mercy, this unborn child practically needs its own attorney. So this leads to a fight. And the fight makes about as much sense as any man wanting to sign up with Porsha for the next 18 years. Porsha say she doesn’t understand why Todd is taking such a beautiful moment and making it all negative. Todd puts on his leather jacket and bails.

It’s time for the Cargo fashion show. They check out the underground digs. Cynthia is getting good at bossing people around. Except for the people that aren’t punctual. Guess who’s not there. Kario. Cynthia calls his momager Sheree but all she does is make excuses and blame the traffic. Soon Kairo walks in and gets ready. Sheree arrives and insults Cynthia about having a runway show under the sewer. Next Sheree is fanning herself because there is never enough air conditioning at any RHOA event. And poor Bob. Even though he and Sheree are did, done, and overdone, he is sweating like a guilty man.

Let’s start the show. When a shirtless Kairo walks the runway, Kenya licks her kips…at the wonderful selection of backpacks. Mama Sheree is beaming. After the show, Kandi and Kenya catch up. Kandi asks if she’s spoken to Phaedra. That’s a big hell no. Kenya says Phaedra will “Do her dirty work behind closed doors, knees open.” Remember, close your legs to married men. Good advice that works in every situation.

Later that week, we join Phaedra with a real attorney to help find representation for Johnnie Winston, the disgruntled employee of Kandi Koated Inc. He’s a hugger. Johnnie’s non-existent gripe is he wasn’t been properly compensated by Kandi. Phaedra says this is all business and she has no issues with Kandi. No siree. This is business as usual and she only cares about her finder’s fee. Here’s the deal, according to Johnnie, the OLG restaurant and the musical, A Mother’s Love was totally his idea. Some people will say anything to get on TV.

Happy birthday to King – Kenya’s dog. It’s time to celebrate. In walks Matt so cancel that champagne because some people can’t handle their alcohol. But so far, so good. Matt is being a gentleman and Kenya is being a lady. However it doesn’t last. Matt says he’s tired of hearing all about what he’s done wrong when Kenya is at fault too.

Kenya and Matt argue in the hallway so the dogs can’t hear because they hate it when mommy and daddy fight. Matt tells Kenya to pull the trigger – which is code for – kill him or have sex in the back of his truck again. Which will it be? Kenya caves when Matt starts crying. She sits beside Matt and holds him. They blame each other for their failed relationship. Kenya says she understands they are toxic and it’s time for her to walk away, but will she?

Tune in next week for the OLG grand opening. Phaedra and Porsha are a no-show, but Apollo’s new fiancé makes an appearance. Won’t that be delicious!


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