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#RHOBH Eileen Davidson Takes Full Responsibility For Erika Girardi’s Cuss-Filled Attack & Apologizes!

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Eileen Davidson, might have the personality of dryer lint, but for once, she was right. Shocker, I know!!

But let’s not skip ahead. On the most recent episode of RHOBH, we pick up on the junk boat with Erika Girardi going hard at Dorit Kemsely. The boat ride started with Dorit and Lisa Rinna having it out over Rinna’s little bag of pills, and then in tag team fashion, Erika tapped in and lambasted Dorit for, well, pretty much anything she could think of — from pantygate to telling Dorit she was boring and full of shit.

Dorit was getting it from all sides, so she finally called out Eileen and Rinna, saying they were the ones who wouldn’t let go of pantygate. In her blog this week, Eileen is stunned at being dragged into the middle of the controversy. I don’t know why, though. Eileen has put herself in the middle of the drama all season.

“I knew from the beginning that the thing between Dorit and Erika would eventually come to a head. What I didn’t expect was to have Lisa R. and me dragged into it as well. Dorit’s reaction was surprising.”

Was it though? Eileen was the one who brought pantygate into every conversation, even after Erika said she and Dorit were fine. Apparently, that wasn’t the case, but Eileen did keep that fire going for several weeks.

Erika had some strong words — probably because she’d been keeping the deep embarrassment and hurt she had for “pantygate” in for so long. Instead of sincerely apologizing, Dorit landed some pretty harsh critiques back. Calling Lisa R. “low-class” and to “question if Erika has feelings” was uncalled for.”

But Erika telling Dorit she was full of shit was a-okay?

Dorit made the accusation that Erika’s paid friends, aka the Glam Squad, were yes men, and Erika was out of touch with reality. Eileen, who has crawled up Erika’s bum and taken up permanent residence, disagrees.

“Additionally, both PK and Dorit saying that Erika has an inflated sense of self because she “pays people to love her” is just plain creepy…”

After going to see the Buddha, which didn’t bring an ounce of zen to these women, they all headed out to dinner. And that’s when things got really crazy. Not one to shut up, Rinna asked if Dorit had apologized to Erika. Then she asked if Dorit trusted PK and wondered why Dorit was so insecure over Erika. As Dorit tried to talk to Erika, Rinna refused to shut up. She interrupted every few seconds, berating Dorit.

Eileen says nothing about this in her blog, because no matter what Rinna does, Eileen will not call her on it. So much for “owning it, baby!”

However when Dorit tries to apologize to Erika, she refuses to accept it, telling Dorit to apologize to her grand-husband, Tom. And by the way, PK can apologize to Tom, too. Finally, Eileen does something sensible. She tells Erika that Dorit is apologizing. Will Erika accept it? Is there anything Dorit can do to make it right? Erika says nope. She and Dorit are done.

“I felt like I needed to step in only when I saw Dorit was genuinely trying to apologize. Erika was not in the place to hear that. I didn’t feel it was right at that point not to try to help to find a resolution. When will I learn?”

At this point, Eileen said, “Hey, what’s the big deal? It’s not like she killed your kid.” And that’s when Erika became unhinged.

“What I said was a hyperbolic statement intended to mean, “It’s not as big of a deal as it could be.” This was for some perspective when Erika said nothing Dorit could do would make it right. I never, ever, EVER considered that Erika would take it as me disrespecting her or her son.”

You know what else Eileen didn’t address in her blog? When Rinna accused Dorit and her friends of all going into the house and doing coke during her dinner party. I guess there’s nothing Rinna can do that Eileen won’t cosign.

So, did you think Erika blew everything out of proportion? Or was she right to go after Dorit and Eileen?


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