#RHOBH Erika Girardi Says Her Cuss-Filled Tirade Against Eileen Davidson Was Overreaction!

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Erika Girardi and Meghan McCain joined Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Tuesday night.

Erika’s breasts were on full display. Do you think she was offended when even Andy couldn’t take his eyes off them? I mean, typically if you’re going to put your body parts on display, people are going to look.

On tonight’s RHOBH episode, Erika unleashed on Dorit Kemsley, and Dorit couldn’t help but wonder if Erika’s paid glam squad had inflated her ego. Erika couldn’t disagree more.

“No. They’re very honest.”

Erika made her Dancing with the Stars debut this week. She felt “okay” about her performance.

Meghan couldn’t have sucked up to Erika more if she tried.

Dorit had what was coming to her… Dorit reminds me of every girl I went to college with who studied abroad and then came back with an accent and thought she was more cultured than I am.”

Looking back on this episode, Erika said:

“[Eileen’s] intent was so innocent. I overreacted.”

A caller wanted to know how Tom, Erika’s husband, responded to pantygate.

“I think he’s just finding out now. I kind of figured this was going to be a storyline… At some point, this was going to be more about the people around him than him. That’s why I was so angry about it.”

A viewer wondered why Erika and Lisa Vanderpump haven’t clicked as friends.

“I think that we are clicking more and more as time goes by.”

A sneak peek of RHOBH shows Lisa Rinna getting crazier as she doesn’t back down from the cocaine accusations she made toward Dorit. Rinna basically admitted that because Dorit questioned her bag of pills, she asked if Dorit was doing coke.

Another fan asked why it was all right for Eileen Davidson and Rinna to speak on behalf of Erika, but told LVP not to stand up for Dorit.

“Oh no. LVP does stick up for Dorit quite often. She can do whatever she wants. That’s her friend, go defend her.”

Erika talked about how she comes off on the show.

“I’m not cold. Anyone who truly knows me knows I’m not cold.”

So, do you think Erika went too hard on Dorit or did Dorit deserve it?


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