#LittleWomenLA Recap: Jasmine Has A Tough Delivery & Tension Between Elena and Terra Heat Up!

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This week on Little Women: LA, Jasmine is having another ultrasound, even though she will meet her baby boy in two days. These new ultrasounds are something else – you can see baby hair – and this gives Jasmine hope the baby doesn’t have her type of dwarfism. No matter what, a blood test will be required. Jasmine jokes about having baby number three and Chris looks like he wants to make a run for it.

Next up, is Tonya and her daughter Angelique checking out the back patio to decorate now that her Bell’s palsy is much better. Problems is, Tonya wants a pool hall, Angelique wants a disco lounge, and Kerwin wants a man-cave. Angelique drops a bomb that she wants to wait one more year to move out so she can save money. Tonya thinks baby girl is trippin’. Angelique wants to make a deal that if her mom and dad get married, she’ll move out. Tonya shuts that down because she’s the mom and Angelique’s the daughter. Go boss lady!

Onto Terra and Joe. Terra is also doing better health wise, but not by much. So far she can only get her roots treated and still can’t pick up her babies. Joe accuses Terra of missing her dancing friends. Terra says she’s happy to be home with the kids, but she’s bored out of her mind. To cut out the boredom, Terra has transferred her attention to Penny who is still not walking at 21 months. Joe doesn’t think Penny needs to walk because she won’t date until 30. Terra updates Joe on the Elena-controversy. The two will be meeting soon to hash out their harsh feelings.

Tonya visits Elena and it’s nice to see Tonya with a full on smile. She updates Elena on the fact that Terra is bummed out she didn’t visit her post surgery. Elena is still carrying a grudge and it’s as heavy as her twin boys. Tonya thinks if everyone goes ice skating this will solve all their problems and they will all sing kumbaya. Tonya says it’s time to stop punishing Terra. Elena is like, It is what it is. And I’m like, What about Christy? When is it time to stop punishing her?

Briana is at home with Maverick and Matt, still dealing with her postpartum depression, and hopes to see a doctor in the next couple of weeks. NEXT COUPLE OF WEEKS?! Girl, do you know how many therapists there are in the Los Angeles area? There should be no reason she can’t get an appointment today. But instead Briana wants something to milk to make cookies and not baby the baby. She doesn’t want Maverick to get failure-to-thrive like she did. Briana was in a stroller until she was 11.

Tonya and Terra go out to dinner and both women keep telling each other how amazing they look. Tonya tells Terra about the ice-skating friends-amending session. Here’s the thing, Terra can’t skate after surgery, but Tonya still wants her to go. Jasmine can’t go because she’s about to have a baby and Christy can’t go because she just had neck surgery. Terra laughs and says they will all get along. Oh contraire, Terra. Did you forget Elena doesn’t like you right now?

It’s time for Jasmine to have her C-section. For some reason, Jasmine has decided to wear spiders on her eyes during this high risk surgery. The baby will be either Benjamin or Harrison, or Benji or Harry, but at least not D’Artagnan. Jasmine warns the anesthesiologist the last time morphine made her extremely sick. Jasmine’s anxiety is kicking up a notch and her heart is pounding. Off to surgery she goes.

Tonya’s patio is ready to go. It’s part pool table, part man cave. Kerwin is happy to have a space that’s sort of his own. Tonya asks how he feels about taking their relationship to the next level. Kerwin is like, Say what? The thing is, because he took such good care of Tonya during her Bell’s palsy, she is ready to commit. Kerwin says this must be fo-sho because there ain’t no divorce in his book.

Back at the hospital, the baby boy is born! Either Benji or Harry weights 8.1 lbs. and is 21 inches long. Jasmine is out of it as she asks the baby what name he wants. She thinks Benjamin but isn’t sure because she actually wants to throw up. The nurses remove the baby quickly and place him on a table to cry. Jasmine is devastated she’s not able to comfort her baby and feels helpless. Grandma to the rescue. The baby seems very alert as he gazes into his G-ma’s eyes, asking himself, Are you my mommy?

The skating rink where Tonya and Terra meet is like Alice in Wonderland – on drugs – as the couples walk around and go inside a funhouse. Briana and Matt arrive, but she’s not feeling well and needs to go to the hospital. She has “extreme abdominal pain” and might have appendicitis because this is what Matt has put into her head. Terra asks if it’s menstrual cramps because Matt is never right. Briana says no. Tonya asks if she’s constipated because Briana’s typically full of crap. Briana says no. Matt fetches a wheelchair and off they go to the hospital.

Elena and Preston finally arrive. Nobody wants to ice-skate so the men leave to go get their drink on and leave the women to sort out their mess. Terra says skating was a bad idea because she can’t ice skate, and it’s all about her. Elena tells her it’s because she danced until she couldn’t skate – or hold her babies. Boom! Elena caves on the ice-skating because it gets her out of talking to Terra about their broken friendship. Tonya and Elena put on their skates and grab their penguins to hold them up. Tonya is actually a good skater and ditches her penguin.

Joe checks in with Terra to tell her that Elena has a point that going on Dancing With the Stars was a fame-whore thing to do. Terra says not true, she had her doctor’s permission. Joe tells Terra to talk it out with Elena because she’s running out of friends. Elena and Terra are forced to talk, and Elena begins by telling Terra those four special works: I told you so. Elena says if only she was cut from DWTS earlier, this would have made her so happy.

Elena admits her tough love approach might have been wrong, but they are friends and Terra should be able to take whatever she dishes out. That’s what friends do. Make their friends see the big picture by being a bitch. Terra cries about not having their kids play together because of this. Elena cries about Terra not being family anymore. Elena say she was scared Terra would hurt herself, or worse. The two women wipe the tears away. Terra says she is now putting her health first – before everyone else like she usually does. Terra and Elena kiss and make up.

Tune in next time, as the ladies gang up on Briana to tell her what a loser Matt is and Christy makes an appearance.


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