10 CRAZIEST Moments From #TeenMom2 Season 7 Finale & Reunion Sneak Peek Special!

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The drama exploded on the ‘Behind the Scenes’ Teen Mom 2 finale special Monday night, and we are breaking down the crazy with our top ten shockers of the episode.

The girls and their families travel to LA for the Teen Mom 2 reunion and the drama follows.

Jenelle Evans and Barbara‘s onstage feud leads to a backstage blowout and the MTV diva created chaos — spinning a routine wrap-up out of control. 

1. The Yahtzee Factor

Jenelle tearfully disclosed that she felt slighted by her mother because she rarely played board games with her as a child. “I even asked her when I was little to sit down with me and play Yahtzee with me — it was the only board game she ever played with me. It was like for 5 minutes, and then she was like ‘oh I can’t play anymore,’” Jenelle sniffled. Does Jenelle have nightmares about swirling cups and tumbling dice? Press play below.



2. Kicks and Screams

Jenelle abandoned the set and her professional commitment — storming away in a raging tantrum. She complained that she “didn’t feel good,” and that MTV wasn’t moving mountains to comfort her. Interestingly, MTV made sure to contrast the crew lovingly interacting with her under-the-weather co-star, Chelsea Houska.

3. Jelly Jenelly

Jenelle was agitated and jealous by her cast-mates’ enthusiastic interaction with her mother. She pointed to feeling “excluded,” while Babs lived it up as the life of the reunion party. Jenelle reiterated that she wanted Babs OFF the show — and that she felt that she herself was no longer needed. “I’m not doing another season if that bitch is on the show!” Jenelle cried. Promises, promises! Press play below.



4. Nice Try

Jenelle pointed to MTV’s interest in her mother as Barbara’s reason for fiercely maintaining custody of Jace. She spilled her own jealousy into a fingers-crossed reason for MTV to can her mother. On a brighter note, no one bought it.

5. Jace Swiped

Jenelle punished her mother for stealing the show by stealing her grandson.  David snarled that Barbara was more focused on her fan club, than with watching Jace. The couple eventually took off, with Jace in the vehicle.

6. Baby Daddy Thug

David got out of the car, and stomped around like Godzilla — threatening crew members who were trying to stop the couple from driving away with Jace. He almost took a swing or two—but managed to restrain himself.

7. Babs Vs. Dave

Barbara blasted David as someone out to gain control of Jace’s fate. She labeled him an as*hole, and vowed that he would “never get Jace.

8. Cops Called

Producers were forced to call the cops, after Jenelle and David ignored their pleas and took Jace back to their hotel. Barbara was later able to secure documentation to boost her upcoming custody case.

9. Beaten Down Babs

Barbara dissolved into tears, sinking to the ground when Jenelle nastily accused her of neglecting Jace. Her condition raised concerns with a producer, who tried to comfort the shaking grandmother.

10. Balcony Bellow

Jenelle bellowed from her balcony, demanding that a producer answer her call. She then proceeded to tell her off for filming her mother, and blasted her with a decision to take the next flight home. Jenelle vowed (again) to walk. The producer sighed a familiar sigh. 

What will Part 2 bring? Jenelle and Barbara take the reunion stage — so don’t miss it!


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