#RHOA Kenya Moore RIPS Phaedra’s ‘Duplicitous’ Behavior, Says Reunion Was EPIC & Shades Matt Jordan! #WWHL

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On Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen hosted Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kenya Moore and model, Tyson Beckford.

Andy started the show with a shout-out to Solange Knowles, who had been tweeting all night about #RHOA.

Next, Andy fawned over Tyson and asked his opinion of Sheree Whitfield’s son, Kairo. Did he have potential as a model? “He’s not bad for an amateur,” Tyson responds.

On tonight’s show, Cynthia Bailey spent a day in Hawaii with her ex, Peter Thomas. She also took responsibility for the “demise of the relationship.” Kenya gave her take on their busted romance.

“I think they have a healthy respect for one another, but I don’t think they’re in love with each other anymore.”

But the audience disagreed. More than 75% said Cynthia and Peter were still in lurve.

Sheree and her ex-husband, Bob, talked about their disastrous marriage once more. Kenya spoke about their emotional conversation.

“My heart broke for Sheree. No woman should ever have to go through that. And he left for six months without a word and went to finish his degree and never called. Pretty bad on his part.”

For a minute, Kenya and Phaedra Parks made up this season. They played tennis tonight and had a good time on the court. But when Kenya threw a Happy Divorce party, Phaedra was still holding a grudge over Kenya and Apollo texting two years ago. Here’s what Kenya had to say in response to Phaedra:

“I think everyone was surprised by her reaction. If she wasn’t comfortable with it, that’s okay with me. But she should have just taken me aside and said, ‘I’m just not ready for this right now.’ And I think we would have been okay. But to call me names and be nasty and take digs and try and resurrect something from two years ago that we’d resolved, it was completely duplicitous of her.”

In a flash poll, the audience took Kenya’s side over Phaedra’s.

Tyson answered a few questions about his turn ons. Fake boobs are okay, as long as they look natural. He doesn’t mind women being hotter than he is. When Kenya called him on that, he reminded her they’d been out on a date once. Then he remembered that they were supposed to go out, but Kenya kept playing phone tag. Kenya said she had no memory of it. Anyway, Tyson is a little bit freaky. He doesn’t mind threesomes, baby talk, or role playing in the bedroom.

A caller wondered if Kenya and Phaedra would ever find their way to a true friendship.

“It’s a no. Never. I’m a girl who never says never. I’m saying never.”

Andy asked how Kenya liked the reunion.

“Wow. It was epic.”

Even Andy said it was so shocking, he still hadn’t gotten over it.

Matt Jordan makes a return on a sneak peek of next week’s episode. Matt wants Kenya to apologize for her part in their bad relationship. When she points out that she didn’t send him to jail when she could have pressed charges for vandalism, he says he might indeed go to jail, but she’ll still be single and miserable. When Kenya says she doesn’t call him, he points out that they recently had sex in his truck — at her insistence. Kenya apologizes to Matt and tries to comfort him.

A caller wondered if Kenya’s problems with Porsha Williams, stem from jealousy that Porsha’s a younger woman.

“Okay, so that’s a little silly. No, actually I hire a lot of beautiful women around me…twenty-somethings. Porsha is thirty-five-years old, so I don’t really consider that being young.”

If Kenya were to give Sheree advice on the chateau, she’d say: “Sell it.”

When asked about Frick and Frack—Phaedra and PorshaKenya said the friendship wasn’t real.

“It’s definitely an alliance, for sure.”

Tyson has a beef with Chris Brown. When asked what would happen if he found himself in an elevator with Brown, Tyson said:

“One of us is coming out alive and it’s me. I still don’t got no respect for dude. I feel bad for him, you now. Drugs is ****. Yeah, I think he really needs to check himself for that. It’s a bad thing. It’s probably out of his control, but hey, it is what it is.”

A fan wondered what Kenya thought of Porsha’s new relationship with Todd. Her response, “Who?”

On the subject of Matt, Kenya said: “I have not seen him for over six months. We’ve been broken up for a long time.”

Another fan wondered if Matt paid for the damage he did to Kenya’s house. Kenya snarked, “With what money?!”

Go, Kenya! Rowr!

So, were you surprised that Phaedra and Kenya were back to frenemy status before the season was over?


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