#RHOA Peter Thomas Reacts To Kandi Burruss’ Offensive Jokes About His ‘Black’ (Dark) Skin Tone & He ‘s NOT Laughing!

Posted on Mar 20 2017 - 4:47pm by BeachSpin

Peter Thomas was roasted on Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta — but according to an Instagram post, some of the shade took the club owner aback.

Kandi Burruss and Sheree Whitfield both made cracks referencing his skin tone — with Sheree commenting that Peter looked “well done” to her, and Kandi snarking, “if we do it at nighttime, I don’t know if I’m gonna see Peter. His black ass might get lost out in the dark.”

Peter responded by posting a photo — taking the ladies to task, writing, “At 56 I am still hearing how BLACK I AM JOKES, WOW!!! Still black, definitely not broke.”

Much of the snark pointed to Peter borrowing money from Cynthia Bailey — a knife-twister, against the backdrop of the final chapter of their marriage.

Fans flooded Peter with encouraging messages — most agreeing that the comments were out of line. 

“was watching tonight’s episode and was like we’re in 2017 and Black folks on National TV  are cracking jokes about how dark another black person is… SAD SAD and PATHETIC.”

“Kandi’s skin color roast was inappropriate, dumb, and not funny. Peter knows his skin tone is beautiful and that he’s fine and handsome so Kandi’s stupid comment didn’t even phase him. However, I find it quite disturbing that in 2017, skin tone is in the forefront of people’s minds just like it was in 1917, 100 years ago.”

“Black is beautiful. For real it has such protective power and strength. Keep on being black as ever!!”

“ignorance still exists so that’s to be expected. Stay up, and Black!”

“We aren’t advancing as a society, people or community. Very disrespectful and dumb.”

“Yeah I thought the comments on TV was ridiculous w skin tone and color. But you handled with class.”

“Yeah at this day and age we are all black and no one of color should be cracking jokes on the different shades of black. Period. It’s not funny, it’s ignorant.”

Peter shaded the whole cast trip to Hawaii — explaining that his presence was required via his contract. Peter wrote in another post — “Look at my expression at that crazy ass dinner in Hawaii, asking myself, why the fuck did I come on this trip, still under contract.”

What did you think of Kandi and Sheree’s jabs at Peter — all in fun, or out of line?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights, on Bravo.



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