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Jenelle Evans Ditches MTV Commitment & Storms Off #TeenMom2 Reunion Set!

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Teen Mom 2 wraps tonight with it’s reunion episode, and the grand finale appears to be littered with dramatic post-teen angst.

The show will feature a classic storm-out by Jenelle Evans, an early exit from Chelsea DeBoer, and a snippet of Leah Messer, sounding off about the two MTV defectors.

MTV blesses Chelsea’s resistant departure, after the pregnant mom shares that she is under the weather. However, Jenelle screams foul at production — stomping indignantly away from her professional commitment, while claiming the same issue. 

Jenelle Evans — always the trashy MTV bridesmaid — never the bride! Fan support of Chelsea’s ongoing story of expanding family love has triggered Jenelle all season — heightening tensions between the cast-mates.

Leah Messer weighs in backstage — and shades Jenelle for the walk-out. “Who knows?” Leah says, referencing Jenelle’s tantrum. “But she’s paid for this — she should be here.” 

Catch the chaos on the Teen Mom 2 finale tonight at 9 pm, ET, on MTV.


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