Jenelle Evans Ditches MTV Commitment & Storms Off #TeenMom2 Reunion Set!

Posted on Mar 20 2017 - 1:03pm by BeachSpin

Teen Mom 2 wraps tonight with it’s reunion episode, and the grand finale appears to be littered with dramatic post-teen angst.

The show will feature a classic storm-out by Jenelle Evans, an early exit from Chelsea DeBoer, and a snippet of Leah Messer, sounding off about the two MTV defectors.

MTV blesses Chelsea’s resistant departure, after the pregnant mom shares that she is under the weather. However, Jenelle screams foul at production — stomping indignantly away from her professional commitment, while claiming the same issue. 

Jenelle Evans — always the trashy MTV bridesmaid — never the bride! Fan support of Chelsea’s ongoing story of expanding family love has triggered Jenelle all season — heightening tensions between the cast-mates.

Leah Messer weighs in backstage — and shades Jenelle for the walk-out. “Who knows?” Leah says, referencing Jenelle’s tantrum. “But she’s paid for this — she should be here.” 

Catch the chaos on the Teen Mom 2 finale tonight at 9 pm, ET, on MTV.


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  • ALegWithWings

    In another trailer Jenelle was outside screaming that she wouldn’t go on stage if Babs was there. I think MTV should pay Babs Jenelle’s salary next year and shoot with her instead. Then maybe Jenelle would hesitate before pulling her transparent stunts and Babs wouldn’t be scraping by to raise Jenelle’s son for her. I’d also love to see Babs rub it in by whipping a brand new BMW in Jenelle’s drive way to pick up Jace.

  • Ravello

    MTV needs to pull the plug instead of catering to these divas. Poor Jace is right there for the drama.

    • tntw131923

      Couldn’t agree more. At the very least they need to seriously dock theses entitled brat’s pay everytime they throw a little fit and refuse to film, which is their damn job!! I wish I could pull that crap with my boss and still receive my salary plus benefits, not to mention keep my damn job. I used to love this show, but the girls attitudes (mainly Jenelle and kaitlyn) are infuriating. Production ruined this show by paying these idiots wayyyyy too much and then letting them get away with anything and dictate the terms of their employment. I wish just once we would see a member of production stand up to one of these idiots.

  • Birdie

    How in the world does Jenelle get away with this over and over?? MTV needs to penalize her and reduce her check every time she pulls this mess. No job in the world allows an employee to call the shots over their employer–this production team is a bunch of whipped losers. They enable this idiot–it is pathetic.

  • Bryan

    Why does MTV put up with this white trash nonsense from trailer park whores like this trick??

    • shayvoe

      If they fired her she would straighten up real quick, and be begging to come back. Otherwise, it’s food stamps and welfare for her and her kids.

      • Bryan

        good its what they deserve

        • shayvoe

          It is!

  • anonymous

    I blame MTV. Why do they put up with her behavior? Dump her ass, just like they did with Farrah, enough is enough.

  • BBB1975

    Its really time to end this show.