Dissed: Wendy Williams BLASTS Eden Sassoon After The #RHOBH Star BEGGED To Go On Wendy’s Show!

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Be careful what you wish for! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills rookie, Eden Sassoon, dreamed of an exchange with Wendy Williams — but got smacked with a scolding instead! Wendy wagged a finger in Eden’s direction — and Eden’s fangirl shtick was swiftly replaced by a social media tantrum.

Eden has been trying to woo Wendy over to the dark side for months — shamelessly smooching for a daytime invite.

Wendy finally threw Eden a bone — weighing in on a mysterious love interest — a supposed internet dreamboat, named London. Eden revealed on the show that she was funding a boink-fest intro in NYC, and Wendy couldn’t resist throwing into the madness. Wendy nailed Eden for behaving  like a spoiled brat/ dumb slut combo plate — not exactly what Eden had in mind.


“I think that she’s got that growing up rich and entitled thing, where she’s not really on track with what is going on out here,” Wendy snarked during the ‘Hot Topics’ segment. “You can’t carry a crystal to your computer and think that by holding it in your hand tight, you’re gonna meet Mr. Right and invite you to your house. He could be the killer. He could be the STD carrier and I’m not talking about the ones you cure. People get very angry when they realize that they got something that maybe is incurable and they do terrible terrible things.”

Wendy pointed out the obvious — warning Eden that bedding total strangers could come at hefty price. 

“Then he could find out you’re a Sassoon, wait for you to get into the shower, go into your check book, steal a few checks from the bottom,” Wendy warned. “You never steal from the top!

Wendy fired one final shot of advice at Eden.

“Get smart before someone takes from the bottom of your check book. That’s all.”

Eden immediately went off on Twitter — incensed that Wendy would dare question her work ethic, family legacy, or choice of shady lovers.   

Eden was just getting started, rambling on and on — to Wendy’s deaf ears. Eden even used her Thirst Project charity in hopes of dragging a response out of Wendy. It didn’t work.

One onlooker nailed it — but Eden begged to differ, pointing to being “hurt” by Wendy.

Eden protests too much — and her Bravo skin is thinning past the point of no return. Eden pants to share her wonky brand of love — unless her target  dares to tell it to her straight.

Catch Eden in action, on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — Tuesday nights, on Bravo. 


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