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#RHOA Sheree Whitfield Breaks Down Over Domestic Abuse & Tells Bob It’s Over! ‘Have Remorse For What The F–k You Did’

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Sheree and Bob Whitfield face the music tonight on The Real Housewives of Atlanta — coming to a fork in a long and difficult road. Viewers have watched snippets of their tumultuous relationship on the show — scenes punctuated by nasty remarks and hurled water bottles. After three years away from the show, Sheree returned last season, and has kept  viewers guessing about whether or not she would accept Bob’s sloppy efforts to win back her heart. The ongoing saga concludes tonight, and fans will see Sheree put an end to the sweaty madness.

“I want you to have some remorse for what the f–k you did. That’s what I want you to have,” Sheree angrily tells Bob, before breaking down. “You just came back like you were there the day before. And that hurt me, Bob. Hurt my kids.”

Bob fumbles to find the right words, as Sheree continues to spill her guts.   

“The man I was supposed to be able to trust…you left,” Sheree sobs. “And you didn’t give a f**k, Bob.”

Sheree puts the nail in the love-coffin, shutting Bob down for good — while telling viewers that the relationship is over, in a confessional spot. 

“I’ve been content with it for 10 years,” Sheree says. “You haven’t done anything in 10 years since we separated.”

Catch the final break on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sunday night at 8:00 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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