#TeenMom2 Jenelle Evans Brags About Being ‘On Top’ — Seeks To Inspire In Delusional Post!

Posted on Mar 17 2017 - 12:08pm by BeachSpin

Jenelle Evans offered a heartfelt message of inspiration to her followers on Wednesday — the Teen Mom 2 star posting a message of hope to all of her fans.

Millions have tuned in to watch Jenelle’s “journey” — which began when she became pregnant as a teen, and MTV signed on to follow her chaotic story.

Jenelle points to a “fresh start” — the latest in a long line of supposed do-overs. Jenelle has been married once, pregnant five-six times, and has three children — all by the age of 25. Her story includes multiple exes, arrests, addictions and mugshots. Onlookers continue to bust Jenelle in lies and contradictions, and rumors unceasingly swirl around her latest “fresh start” with fiance, David Eason.

Jenelle has her fangirls — but several viewers slammed the delusional post.

Jenelle is set to face off against her mother, Barbara Evans, in May, in a sure to be brutal custody battle for her son, Jace. Jenelle does not have her first child, and her relationship with her mother is shattered — but she has “come out on top?”

Jenelle has moved into a new home with her latest baby daddy, and recently shared her decision to finally give her uterus a breather.

Jenelle once had plans for a medical career — but nothing is cushier than raking in a salary for existing as a troubled reality star. MTV now pays the bills — but how does Jenelle haul in extra cash? The stormy mom uses her fame to cash in on Instagram — hawking products to her 2.5 million followers.



MTV has managed to elevate a hot mess of a trip into a “journey,” but will Jenelle’s positive spin last? Will Jenelle be “on top” when the MTV checks dry up — or even in six months?  Stay tuned!

You make the call — and watch Teen Mom 2, Monday nights, on MTV.


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  • ALegWithWings

    In the lastest episode Jenelle was enrolling 2-year-old Kaiser in pre-school. She was like “I think it’ll be good for him.” No, Jenelle! It will be good for you! She doesn’t have a job and neither does David, so why is Kaiser in daycare? Because he is no longer a priority now that she has Ensley and she knows she can’t take care of both of them. But then why is she also fighting for custody of Jace and urging Nathan to terminate his parental rights? Jenelle wants full custody of her children, but doesn’t want to be a mother. Go figure.

    • Jersey

      All for show. It’s the same shit every season.

    • Ravello

      Maybe someone at day care will bond with Kaiser and he will get some stimulation.

      • ALegWithWings

        That’s what my friend said. “Maybe he’ll finally get some attention.” Which is sad.

  • Jersey

    Ugh, her eyebrows…….

  • Evil Queen

    She is on top- top of every Sam, Harry, & Dick she meets!

  • Lizzie

    Sad. Adults can’t just overlook other adults. Always gotta bring em down. She’s not the greatest person, maybe not even close, but those who stoop to these kinds of lows, aren’t any better. All these “perfect” people would look bad in front of cameras, even the ones who run this blog. Guarantee it.