#RHOBH Eileen Davidson Claims Dorit Kemsley ‘Vilified’ Her Over Drama With Erika Girardi

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Eileen Davidson hasn’t had much of a role in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills these past few episodes. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to put herself in the center of drama.

As the ladies landed in Hong Kong, everyone went off to do their own thing, except for Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley. Dorit went along with LVP to support her Yulin documentary. Ultimately, Eileen decided to tag along too. Maybe she wanted to make up for the ugly things she said about LVP and her Yulin charity last season?

“I got to see the atrocities of the Yulin Festival and gained a deeper understanding for Lisa V.’s passion. I, myself, have been rescuing dogs my whole life. If nothing else, I feel like maybe we both understand each other a little better now.”

Well, that’s very optimistic of Eileen.

But then came the junk boat journey. Dorit decided to call out Lisa Rinna, asking her to tell who spilled the tea that Dorit had told the other women about Rinna’s little bag o’ pills. Rinna refused to tell her and we have no footage, so I wonder if production was meddling? I guess we’ll never know for sure, but as Dorit tried to defend herself, Eileen was Team Rinna. As usual.

“Despite the mysterious nature of Lisa R.’s anonymous source, Eden did confirm what Dorit had said about Lisa R.’s behavior being “induced.” And we all saw it. It was also brought up on several other occasions, namely in Mexico.”

But even Kyle Richards jumped in at this point and said that Dorit had been joking about it. Dorit said she and Rinna had bonded over Xanax and smoothies. Did Dorit ask Eden if the pills could have contributed to Rinna’s faulty memory? Yes, she did. But in Mexico, which Rinna seemed most concerned about, Dorit said those pills were a funny gag.

Erika Girardi saw something more sinister in Dorit’s story. Eileen said:

“We’ve all witnessed the way Dorit and PK have discussed Erika. I knew Erika’s true feelings would come out eventually…I even attempted to help smooth things over until Dorit came after me about it. I was trying to HELP Dorit… She didn’t listen, and in fact, she vilified me for it at Game Night.”

Yes, because it’s all about Eileen, who, incidentally, was trying to stir up pantygate one more time on Game Night. She wasn’t trying smooth anything over. Nor was she trying to be helpful by bringing it up yet again.

Did Erika have a reason to snap at Dorit? Maybe. The two are definitely oil and water, but I didn’t like the way Erika tried to put her own spin on what Dorit said or the way she put words in Dorit’s mouth. And as for Rinna — for her to sit there and get upset that Dorit was talking behind her back was ludicrous. Rinna’s the queen of trash talk, but when the shoe is on the other foot, she sure turns nasty.

At any rate, I hope they cut Eileen Davidson’s Bravo cord after this season. Please tell me what she brings to this show? Anyone? Bueller?


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