Bravo Negotiating Deals With Kim Zolciak & NeNe Leakes For #RHOA Return — But There’s A LITTLE Problem…

Posted on Mar 17 2017 - 8:44am by BeachSpin

Bravo execs are reportedly deep in talks wth Real Housewives of Atlanta alums, Kim Zolciak-Biermann and NeNe Leakes!

Production hopes to lure the duo back over to the dark side, to shake up Season 10.

Sources close to production tell TMZ that both Kim and NeNe have offers on the table, but problems threaten to derail the effort to bring the frenemies back as full-time cast members. NeNe and Kim are said to be interested, but solo projects might conflict with their grab for full-time peaches. Kim is busy filming her spinoff series, and NeNe is tied up with various projects of her own.

Bravo is believed to be sold on bringing back the blast-from-the-past duo — and will settle for a part-time ride if schedules can’t be worked out.

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The current cast opinion is supposedly mixed when it comes to cosigning the veteran comeback — but a jolt of flashback chemistry could hit the spot with the Bravo audience. 

How do you feel about the possible return of NeNe and Kim?


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  • Shelly Jones

    The power of this duo is over hyped. Both of these ladies attitudes have changed for the worst. Nene is above everyone else and so does Kim now that she has scored her biggest meal ticket and canceled out her whoredom by getting married. But it might be fun. She show has gotten dark as the ladies have taken the personal attacks to a knew low.

    • ITA Shelly. Personally, I wouldn’t mind Nene’s return but KIm and Goober — HELL NO! I can not stand those two….they are nasty, using, RACIST jerks.

      • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

        I can still vividly remember that lunch when Kim quit the show and she (and Goober) were practically bitch slapping the camera crew. Something went down (that we were never really privy to) … my my what a difference a few seasons makes.

        • I assume someone said something like, “Wig, you ain’t the show.” or someone asked her about something she didn’t want to talk about like if she still talks to big papa. Or how she has a new man but still had all all the stuff that big papa bought her like his ring for starters… how she trapped a ball player that’s dumb as hell and ugly… that’s probably the one that got Kroy all mad.

          • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

            Hahaha …. the possibilities are indeed endless~!

      • DaisyMae2011

        I would consider watching again if Nene came back. Atleast she’s funny. But wigs and goober? No! Can’t stand them.

  • MSUmom

    Please no Kim!! She is the biggest narcissist on the planet!! What is she going to bring to the table. She rarely leaves her house, can’t function without her man servant Kroy and is a big bore!! All she does is pose in her mirror and take snapchats of herself!!!

    • RRRobin

      Looking at that face and those vomit inducing ridiculous lips is beyond my tolerance.

      • Elle

        Kim looks completely like a $10 blow up doll! Her husband is as dumb as dirt! I cannot figure out why Bravo is still giving them a show? Like who the heck watches those stupid clowns?

    • Girl Please

      I don’t understand how people watch her reality show. What is interesting about her? She is boring to me

  • Birdie

    Who could have guessed that RHOA would sink to a level so trashy that NeNe’s return would seem like a classy step up? I am ok with NeNe–but Kim would just feed the raunchy vibe that is already wrecking this franchise.

  • theStevieJBus

    No one wants Wig back, period. The show was so much better after she left.

    • Elle

      After your post, I believe I heard the mic drop. HaHa! ???? My belief is, Bravo should do a poll asking the viewers and fans of RHOA if they wanted NeNe & blow up doll Kim back? I mean how stupid can the producers be, thinking that the same silly relationship that Kim & NeNe had during the earlier seasons would resurrect again? They are not even friends. They are just cordial when they see each other. NeNe has never forgiven Kim for the way she treated Sweetie ( Kim’s assistant & babysitter) which she referred to as her slave. RHOA is in the gutter and needs a total recast. The producers even remotely thinking that bringing Kim & NeNe back would be great for ratings is just plain pathetic and desperate.????????

      • There is someone on Twitter that does polls. They add the “celebs” on it also. Believe me, that has been asked and answered in the negative. Andy is also included. Me thinks BRAVO could care less what “we” think.

        • Elle

          Hi Rochelle, I wasn’t aware about the poll on Twitter. And I agree…..Bravo doesn’t care about the viewers, unfortunately!

    • Girl Please

      I don’t need to see wig.

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    Neither NeNe or Kim are the same thirsty bishes up and coming women they were back in the day, but they aren’t the mega successful (in demand) celebs that they think they are either. If far more well known and successful HW’s like LVP, Bethenny, Soapy and Sudsy etc; can find the time (in their legitimately busy schedules), these two relative nobodies can too. It’s always been interesting to me that RHOA (often lauded as the highest rated of the HW franchises) produces the HW’s with the least amount of mainstream appeal. But then again, I’m,often taken aback when I’m reminded how little known ALL of these dames are (on the broader scale). I guess we here in the Reality Tv blogesphere get caught up in our own little world here.

    • theStevieJBus

      You make a good point like Elieen Davidson has had time to jump between Days and Y&R and still do RHOBH. No excuses for wig and moose.

      • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

        Yeah no kidding, although it’s very obvious that Y & R remains Eileen’s first love (and priority). I get a sense that this season in particular, she’s just phoning this one in. But then again, she was going through a hell of a time when they filmed 8 months ago. I’m not begrudging her; hell if someone would pay me damn near a million bux to have an occasional lunch and/or go on a fabulous trip with women I hate, I would too.

      • Supatall2u

        RE: Nene — most of her projects are in Los Angeles — so it’s harder for her to schedule due to flights & her blood clotting problems I’m sure she can’t fly back to back. Elieen shoots in the same state/city so her schedule is flexible as she doesn’t work full 8 hour days. Rinna — what has she actually worked on as an actor? (crickets) Other than her QVC shit which she does maybe 3 to 4 times a year to push her Walmart shit to the fly over states…she’s not doing shit which is why she’s so thirsty to stay on the show. BTW: None of these reality shows are unionized – so no health benefits or pension credits or residuals.

  • Have y’all ever seen Bonnie Hunt and Niecy Nash’s parody of KimZ and Nene? I wish Bravo would sign them up instead. It’s freakin’ hilarious!

  • italiano bambino

    Own projects ????????????????????

    • Rain

      Love all you’re little comments LOLOLOL

  • Glooba!

    It wouldn’t be the same. They (NeNe in particular) won’t act that way anymore.

    NeNe would def look down at her cast members, thinking she’s above everyone.
    Kim it too busy wearing waist trainers, getting lip fillers, and ruining her husbands dignity with a desperate attempt to get him a gig as Kelly Ripa’s co-host to waste time with the “other” women on the show.

    Both of them would have a high & mighty attitude now, thinking the show NEEDS them.

    • DaisyMae2011

      And don’t forget, wigs has to save time for photoshopping thigh gaps.

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    I wonder what the chances are of Kandi working with Kim again on sequel to Don’t Be Tardy and Google Me. I guess if Erika Jayne can do it, so can Kim.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    The fact that this show has remained #1 proves that neither Moose nor Wigz are needed on the show. Bravo should save their coin.

  • Trippinhhard

    The show has always been number won, the rest are 1/4 of the viewing audience…
    Their numbers are horrible compared to the ATL show.. If CryptKeeper can get a millions dollars, then Nene shouldn’t have a problem.. Kim is a different story.. The way she quit the last time was horrible.. They would have to put a clause in her contract stating she has to attend whatever.. She can’t use her kids, because she don’t raise them at all..
    You know she’s desperate to go back somewhere she’s hated.

  • Girl Please

    They don’t have solo projects.

  • TartLemon

    For me, ATL took a serious turn for the worst this season. I have it on the dvr, but delete without even watching. Kandi always had a calm temper and opinion, saying what she needed to say, making a lot of sense. Now?!??! Whoa! I’m not liking this new mud wrestling at all. The pizazz is gone.

  • Wishmich

    Sometimes you just can’t go back. This is one of those cases.