‘Evil Lying Sack of Shit’ Matt Jordan Goes OFF On Kenya Moore Over NO Reunion Invite & $10K #RHOA Appearance Money!

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Yikes! Matt Jordan is getting scary.

First, he was just pathetic as he tried to clap back at Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore. But as he keeps taking to Instagram, getting nastier in his posts, it’s starting to look like the man is unhealthily obsessed with Kenya.

She recently hinted that she has another man in her life. Matt rants that she’s lying and the only good thing in her life was him. You know, the one who punched the driver in Charlotte and kicked her glass garage door in. Yeah, Matt, you’re a real keeper. 


He starts by calling her names and then saying she treated him badly when all he did was love her.

“You evil lying sack of sh*t, keep pretending like you have a man or you have somebody special when the only thing you had special was me.You treated me like the dirt underneath your shoe on a daily basis and everyone told me to be patient with you and love you and it would change.”

He also doesn’t like the fact that Kenya talked to her brother on camera about their relationship.

“Tell that brother that you trying to put off as a love love intrest, how demonic you are.”

Read the now deleted IG rant below in its entirety. 

Matt brings up the African men Kenya dated in the past, saying she was paid for her services.

“You and I both know that’s probably one of them married africans you were texting during my relationship. Or one the Africans that you were selling your body to in Nigeria. Make sure he doesn’t have to find all of that out from someone else.”

Matt implies that he was there for Kenya and her dogs. Will her new love be so supportive? Not according to Matt.

“Make sure he wake up early and feed the puppies, make sure that he carries you in his arms when you’re coming out of the hospital after surgery at 3 o’clock in the morning. Make sure the next house you get he’s there from sun up to sundown making sure you’re happy.”

Then Matt compares himself to the next man, basically implying that no man could live up to the high standards of Matt Jordan. (Seriously, though?) Also, he starts addressing this new man that insists doesn’t even exist.

“Make sure she never know what a door handle feels like, make sure he comes as close to being matt Jordan as possible.”

Maybe Matt is more pissed at being cut from RHOA than we imagined. But it was his own fault for being so volatile.

“But brother most of all secure that bag when she says she’s going to pay you to keep filming for the rest of the season when you’re ready to stop because it’s affecting your relationship in a negative way, make sure she puts it in writing or she gives you the money right then.”

Matt seems very upset that he didn’t make it all the way to the reunion, when supposedly he would get a 10k paycheck.

“Yeah I know you like to trust her because she’s your queen, she’s your lady she’s going to follow through and do what she says she will do, nah secure that bag. Most of all when she starts gallivanting you around on camera talking about how in love she is, make sure you get in writing a contract stating that you made $10k at the reunion because that will be used to manipulate you the entire seasons, just keep going you’ll get 10K at the reunion, just come shoot this scene be nice to me apologize and you’ll get 10K at the end, pull on America’s heartstrings let them fall in love with you, you’ll get 10K at the reunion. Just get ya money brother! But you will find that out for yaself.”

Then he gives Kenya’s new boo a few sex tips. Because that’s what a gentleman would do.

“Just make sure she feels it in her stomach when y’all intimate and that her legs shake. I left 3 magnums in the top drawer on her side of the bed, you can use those we stopped using them along time ago. Consider it a gift.”

I do so like the way he managed to get in a large dick comment about himself. Magnum condoms indeed.

In all seriousness, all these rants are getting a little worrisome. He’s bitter, angry, and has shown that he has a temper. I worry about Kenya with this guy on the loose.

What’s your take?


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