Bringing Up Ballers

‘Bringing Up Ballers’ Mom, Tiffany Thigpen Arrested For Stealing From Walmart!

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Tiffany Thigpen, star of Bringing Up Ballers, can add a “W” to her “No Jail Time” column.

In 2011, Tiffany and her sticky fingers helped herself to $135.72 worth of “bling makeup” at the local Walmart. Apparently paying for stuff is for suckers.

According to court documents, Tiffany originally pled guilty to shoplifting, but she never served any jail time, according to Cook County court documents. Instead, Tiffany was sentenced to six months supervision.

Tiffany is a baller mom from the suburbs who runs a successful custom auto repair business. Tiffany has five kids but admits to devoting much of her time to 16-year-old, Michael who she believes has a real shot of going to the NBA. When Tiffany’s not making a different kind of court appearance, she can be found sitting courtside, watching Michael, accomplish his own hoop dreams on the Lifetime reality show.

Michael and his mom Tiffany

Tiffany reportedly grooming her four other kids who are budding athletes for “college and superstardom.” 


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