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‘Sister Wives’ Mariah Brown’s Lesbian Girlfriend EXPOSED!

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Mariah Brown dropped a bomb on her Sister Wives family during the last season of the TLC series—officially coming out as a lesbian.

Mariah denied that there was any romance in the picture at the time, but now there’s an official girlfriend in the Utah college student’s life. Mariah recently announced on social media that she is in a relationship with fellow Westminster College student, Audrey Kriss. Audrey did the same — and the romance was officially out in the open.  

Mariah’s mother, Meri Brown initially expressed shock at Mariah’s news, commenting, “I didn’t see this coming, I thought I knew my daughter…I didn’t.”  Meri has not yet publicly shared her thoughts on her daughter’s new relationship. TLC cameras did capture Meri expressing acceptance and support for her daughter, as the season wrapped.  

Despite the fact that the Browns’ church, the Apostolic United Brethren, labels homosexuality a sin, Mariah’s father, Kody Brown, and other-mothers, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn all immediately supported Mariah’s reveal.

“We’re just happy she’s figured out who she is,” Janelle said. “It’s tremendous when you see a kid do that.”

“You come from an Old Testament religion, you are not excited that your child comes out,” Kody commented. “I thought about this years ago, and I made a decision. My job as a dad is to love and respect and not to judge.”

Will TLC cameras be invited into the brand new relationship? Stay tuned.


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