#RHOBH Lisa Rinna Calls Dorit Kemsley A ‘Drama Queen’ & Slams Her Marriage to PK

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On Watch What Happens Live Tuesday night, Andy Cohen hosted Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Rinna and Adam Pally.

Rinna wore her leopard print robe with matching slippers and Andy wore his St. Louis Cardinals onesie for pajama night.

Harry Hamlin and Delilah sat in the audience to cheer on Rinna.

Talking over the season, even Adam mentioned that Rinna needed to go easier on Kim and her sobriety. And yes, he would have looked up Erika’s skirt if he’d been sitting across from her.

On a sneak peek of next week’s show, Rinna questions whether Dorit trusts PK and why she feels threatened by Erika Girardi. Kyle Richards actually stands up for Dorit and points out Rinna’s hypocrisy — especially since Rinna broke a glass and reached for Kim’s throat when she mentioned Harry Hamlin. Then Erika Girardi breaks down in tears over her marriage. Yikes!

Viewers wanted to know how Rinna explained her memory loss in regards to what she’d said about Kim.

“I had filmed that two months earlier. And I only remember part of the conversation…I was like, Eden’s not going to lie. I am not going to lie. I must have said it…and then I was like, of course I said it.”

A caller wondered if after seeing the footage about Dorit talking about the Xanax smoothie, does Rinna now think Dorit was only joking?

“I think Dorit’s a drama queen, and she loves the drama. Telephone. Telegram. Tell Dorit.”

Another caller wanted to know if Rinna’s relationship with Kyle was altered over the things she said about Kim.

“That’s an interesting question. I think that Kyle and I have had our own relationship for a very long time. Kyle’s a very forgiving person, and we’ve been able to keep it separate. Obviously, she’s always going to always have her sister’s back. But I think she’s done an amazing job at being able to forgive and for us to move on…”

Andy asked if there was any backstage drama between Delilah and Gigi Hadid. Rinna said:

“No. In fact, Delilah, you can tell the story about how you went up to Gigi and said, ‘I don’t know how to walk.’ And she helped you.”

Delilah thanked her mother for basically retelling the story.

Harry jumped in, “We saw her in Milan last week, too, and she was delightful.”

So, who stirred it up the most on the latest episode of RHONY? Erika, Dorit, or Rinna?


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