#RHOBH Erika Girardi Hints ‘You Don’t Know What I Go Through at Night’ Is NOT About Her Marriage!

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‘The ice queen is melting,’— the scene Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans have been waiting for will finally air next week!

The explosive display has Erika Girardi already debunking theories about what triggered her Hong Kong meltdown. The standout preview peek where Erika is seen crying and saying, “You don’t know what I go through at night,” has had fans buzzing about what might be behind Erika’s emotional crack.

Erika recently spoke to ET and commented on the clip, claiming that frustration was at the root of the issue. Erika has remarked more than once that she “hates” crying.

“I was [surprised I cried], actually, and I was driven there out of frustration, and really just nothing else to give, you know?”Erika explained during a recent interview with ET. “So, yeah, I was kind of shocked that I did that myself.”   

Erika said that even the cast was curious about what triggered the meltdown, and teased that it’s probably not “what people think it is.”

The most common theory points to Erika’s unconventional marriage to Tom Girardi — so it would seem that Erika is shutting down that notion. Others have speculated that Erika might address her shadowy years as a young mother, separated from her son. However, Bravo has made it obvious that the real hot topic is not up for discussion.

One detail that might come as a surprise is that Erika is speaking to Eileen Davidson, when she breaks down. A surprise maybe — but a game changer? Probably not. Eileen’s superfan status is likely firmly intact. Erika points to frustration, and her comment that she had “nothing left to give” could be telling. Erika has been criticized for being an emotionless blob, offering nothing to cast chemistry. Bravo sought to remedy Erika’s flat character by sending her back home to Georgia, where she shed a few tears and offered snippets about her icy upbringing.

“I think you get to know me, Erika, a little more intimately,” Erika said. “I mean, I’m just a regular person. There’s nothing too great. I mean, I get frustrated by my mom, all the usual stuff. Very human things.”

Could Erika’s frustration lie with a struggle to muster relevancy within the cast? The Erika Jayne factor is wearing thin, and no glam squad can create a personality willing to throw down in a reality arena.

What do you think is behind Erika’s cracked facade? A breakthrough — or just Bravo hyping a floundering Housewife?


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