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Busted! #RHOBH Star Erika Girardi Caught In Lies Regarding Her Childhood Timeline

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Erika Girardi revealed a more vulnerable side of herself on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — but do the details surrounding her story add up?

Erika’s trip home to Georgia was shaded with memories sure to soften the hearts of viewers — but some fans just aren’t buying it. Erika’s story may have been sentimental, but the exposed pieces of her childhood don’t exactly put together a believable puzzle.

Bravo cameras followed Erika into the former home of her grandparents — and Erika described fond memories of time spent in the house.

“There’s a lot of memories that we shared there,” Erika said when talking about her grandparents’ house. “There were so many good times here. So many Christmases and birthdays — so it’s great, but it’s emotional at the same time.”

Erika noted that she had fallen down the steps in the home “100 times,” and that she was “always at her grandparents.”

Erika’s words are warm and fuzzy — but the shared details don’t substantiate her own story. Erika herself said that her grandparents did not buy the home until she was seventeen years old. Her Bravo bio states that she left Georgia at the age of 18, to move to New York City. Two years later she was a wife and mother, and three years after that she was exiting her marriage, and moving to California to land a new husband. Her bio states the same sequence of shifts. 

“At 18, Erika Girardi left her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia and moved to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming a singer and performer. Two years later, Erika was married and had a son. After divorcing his father, she left New York and moved to Los Angeles where she met and married her current husband, famed trial attorney Tom Girardi.

Erika, by her own admission, lived in the same area as the house featured on the show for one year. That would equate to one set of birthdays and one Christmas. Did Erika travel home for birthdays and holidays after she left Georgia — with her then husband, and 3-year-old son?

Erika repetitively stated that her mother had been “hard on her,” implying perceived mistreatment during her childhood — not pointing to a dynamic that Erika missed.

What do you think? Is Erika hoping that her walk down memory lane will draw sympathy from an increasingly bored and skeptical audience? Is she sobbing her story — but fudging the facts?

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