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#RHOBH Erika Girardi & Dorit Kemsley Bring Their Feud to Hong Kong!

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As the ladies from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills descend on Hong Kong, things finally come to a head as Dorit Kemsley and Erika Girardi have it out on a nighttime boat ride.

From the beginning, Dorit and Erika have been at odds. Dorit made a big deal about Erika flashing her hooha at everyone, and Erika took offense that Dorit’s husband got a view of her “pretty little puss.”

It could have been dropped, if Eileen Davidson hadn’t kept stirring the pot. But I guess when you’re only storyline is having pink eye and diarrhea in Mexico, your options for drama are limited.

Anyhoodle, Dorit brought up Lisa Rinna’s little bag of pills and her Xanax smoothie recipe with the other ladies. During the boat ride, Erika called Dorit out for telling the other women about the smoothie situation. Dorit insists that it was a silly story, but Erika says,

“But Dorit, if you didn’t feel that the pills or the Xanax smoothie or whatever was possibly part of her behavior, why would you bring it up to us at the table in Mexico?”

As things get more heated between the ladies, Erika tells Dorit she talks a lot.  Dorit states that Erika doesn’t talk enough.

Erika claps back, “I say important shit. You say too much boring shit.”

Well, we know that Erika has a very high opinion of herself. Because patting the puss is vital, people!

Dorit has complained throughout the season that Erika has a wall up and is hard to read. Erika just doesn’t like Dorit. Is it because Dorit was brought on as an ally for Lisa Vanderpump? Erika hasn’t exactly been LVP’s biggest fan either.

Dorit has grown on me this season, and I can’t wait to see this argument played out on tonight’s episode. How about you?


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