8 Reasons Why Thomas Ravenel Makes #SouthernCharm Fantastic Reality TV!

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A new spin with reality hit, Southern Charm, is right around the corner — the show that invites viewers to *sit a spell* in Charleston, South Carolina!

Fans have their favorites within the cast — but most would agree that Thomas Ravenel anchors the group. Love him or not — Thomas defines that special something that draws viewers into a formula that makes this show unique. What does a weekly dose of T-Rav bring to the picture?   

1. Thomas Owns His Imperfections


Thomas is not afraid to be perfectly imperfect. He has a tarnished past — and owns it — while striving to create chapters that point to evolution and growth. His personality draws people into his journey — and makes viewers interested in his story. Thomas defines the Bravo slogan, “Watch What Happens” better than anyone.

2. He’s An Amazing Father!


Thomas has tackled the challenge of being a full-time single father with gusto. He delights and marvels in the day-to-day, and is fiercely committed to the well-being of his two children. There is no doubt that Thomas has made fatherhood his top priority.


Thomas became a father later in life — and allowed the dramatic shift to sway his desires to those of a doting daddy. He is head-over-heels in love with his kiddos — and it shows. 

3. Thomas is Brutally Honest

Thomas spills the sweet tea like no other cast member. Sometimes on camera — sometimes on social media — but always to the point, and speaking to what viewers are dying to know.

4. He’s A Comedian

Thomas is a load of fun and has a biting wit. He regularly mixes tongue-in-cheek sarcasm with plain old silliness — and is always willing to shake things up.

5. He’s a Charmer

Thomas adds dashing charisma to the cast. He speaks boldly and from the heart, and he stands by his words — whether you like them or not.

6. The Ravenel Name is Charleston Legacy

Thomas offers a rich family background, steeped in southern tradition. He is a former politician, and the son of a former Congressman. The bridge that connects Charleston and Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, is named after his father, Arthur Ravenel Jr. His roots run deep into the landscape, offering a unique heart connection to the setting.   

Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

The Ravenels

7. Works Hard & Plays Hard

Thomas has upscale taste,and appreciates the finer things in life. He lives large — and invites viewers along for the luxury ride.

8. Thomas is a Champion Polo Player!

The southern charmer is a champion polo player. He has a playful side — and a competitive edge that points to a spirit that strives to win.


Don’t miss the premiere of Southern Charm season 4 — Monday night, April 3rd, on Bravo at 9:00 p.m. ET.


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