#RHOBH Eden Sassoon Explains Desperate Begging for Hong Kong Trip Invite!

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Eden Sassoon gives her take on the current Real Housewives of Beverly Hills picture — blogging her spotty thoughts about the latest episode — punctuating with hashtags. She begins by reminding her readers that she is obsessed with social media — and evidently a fan of cringeworthy lap dances.

“As you guys know by now, I love social media #LOL. I’m on it all the time. So I knew the Fat Jewish before going to the party at Kyle’s store.”

“…I loved watching Kyle get a lap dance from the Fat Jewish #Dying. I don’t think many could hear me in the background, but if you listen close, I was telling her to spank him. #EdenStyle”

Eden disapproved of Dorit Kemsley’s attitude towards Erika.

“But seriously, why does Dorit always have to make it uncomfortable between her and Erika? I was confused watching that. Erika so clearly gave Dorit a genuine compliment, and Dorit had to make it a big deal and try to make Erika feel bad. That wasn’t necessary.”

Eden wants viewers to know that she really, truly, definitely wasn’t begging  for an invite to Hong Kong.

“And I would just like to make it clear that when I walked over, I asked what they were talking about, and they all started joking about throwing all of the invitations out, because clearly the entire group was going to Hong Kong… Then when Lisa Vanderpump ASKED me if I wanted to go to Hong Kong, of course I said yes!” 

Eden shares her thoughts about Erika’s trip home, but soon turns the topic back to her own reflection.

“Having to reflect on the past (her grandmother, how she was raised) and realize that’s why you were molded into the person you are today is very important. That type of reflection helps you understand yourself. She is searching, as are we… especially me! God, I’m always searching for something #TypicalEden. I just appreciated her honest conversations with her mother, because I can relate.”

Eden closes her blog with some self-absorbed jibber-jabber, pointing to future episodes.

“I think you guys should be very excited for what’s to come. Plenty of drama and adventure! You got to see a little clip of the girls telling me not to meet “London” in NYC… Don’t want to give anything away, but guys this is my #LoveStory. I can’t be #Tamed. I just want to be free and open to anything when it comes to love.”

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