Courtland Rogers to EXPOSE Jenelle Evans’ Boyfriend David Eason After His Prison Release? #TeenMom2

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A toxic blast from Jenelle Evans past, Courtland Rogers, is about to resurface — the Teen Mom 2 star’s ex-husband is scheduled to be released from prison on March 18.

Courtland was sentenced to three years for for possession of heroin, after being arrested in November of 2015. Courtland is linked to Jenelle by an 18 month marriage and two pregnancies — one ending in miscarriage and one in an abortion. But Courtland’s connection to the MTV star doesn’t end there.

Jenelle isn’t the only one who shares a past with Courtland Rogers. Jenelle’s latest baby daddy, David Eason, is linked to Courtland by shared time spent behind bars. In fact, many believe that Eason set his sights on Jenelle, after Courtland spilled the tea to his prison-mate about his ride on the MTV gravy train.

Could Jenelle’s past and present collide, when Courtland is released? Jenelle says no — but there’s little doubt that the couple’s messy history could creep into Jenelle’s fairy tale present.

Jenelle and Courtland wed in 2012, and were arrested in 2013, for possession of heroin and assault, linked to a domestic dispute. In 2014, David served time in North Carolina’s Neuse Correctional Institution, on larceny and drug charges. It was there he purportedly learned all about his future reality TV lover — straight from her ex husband. David served two brief back-to-back sentences, and was released in January of 2015. By September 2015, Jenelle was gushing about the new love in her life — only two months after breaking it off from ex, Nathan Griffith. 

Courtland is set to reenter the landscape this week — will his freedom clutter Jenelle’s future with the father of her infant daughter? Will Courtland expose the convos that led to David nailing down the good life as an MTV freeloader?     

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