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#RHOBH Star Kim Richards Going Back To Jail For Not Completing Community Service!

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Kim Richards, doesn’t want to talk about her shoplifting charge from 2015 — so she’s letting her lawyer do all the talking.

Kim’s attorney attended court last Friday to modify her probation. Kim also appeared before Commissioner Jane Godfrey and was told if she didn’t complete her hours of community service, she’d see the inside of a cell.

The next court date is scheduled for September 7, and Kim must show a “written progress report” from Midnight Mission, a charity that helps the homeless who are in recovery. If Kim shows that she’s been trying to fulfill her obligation, she’ll receive a new completion date by the court. If not, she’ll do jail time.

Though Kim was originally supposed to do 30 hours of community labor, her order was modified to 450 hours of community service. Last August, Kim was almost jailed for missing her initial deadline of 20 days community service and 52 AA meetings. But since getting her hand smacked by the court, she fulfilled those requirements.

  Her lawyer said,Kim is up to date on all her requirements with the court and her probation was reinstated.”

So, do you think Kim will comply with the orders?


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