Exposed! Inside Kailyn Lowry’s Sinister Plot to Cut Ties Between Son Isaac & Javi Marroquin! #TeenMom2

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The latest Teen Mom 2 split has been tugging the hearts of viewers — but not for MTV players, Kailyn Lowry or Javi Marroquin.

Kailyn’s first son, Isaac Rivera, was almost left in the dust, after bonding for four years with his stepfather — and the spectacle has been heartbreaking. According to events chronicled on the show, Kailyn took systematic steps to cut Isaac off from Javi — even dragging her ex, Jo Rivera, into the mix.

Fans watched Isaac participate in the marriage ceremony between his mother and Javi, witnessed his heartbreak when Javi was deployed overseas, and his cries for his “other dad” during his kindergarten graduation. Isaac was later panicked by the prospect of a future without Javi — the sweet father/son connection obviously on shaky ground. Consider the sequence of events, captured by MTV cameras.    

  • Kailyn assures Isaac that he would still stay close to Javi, but sabotages Javi’s efforts to spend time with his stepson, upon his return from a military deployment.
  • Kailyn coldly ignores Isaac’s pleas to see Javi and his new home, after the initial split.
  • Javi catches another man in the family home, which triggers an explosive argument. Isaac is caught in the middle. The fallout is heartbreaking, and Isaac becomes angry because Kailyn appears to be keeping him from his stepfather. Jo comes through big, and promises to help his son maintain a relationship with Javi.
  • The ongoing breakup becomes more bitter, as Javi is slammed with more  evidence of Kailyn’s unfaithfulness. His return home turns into a nightmare, as he faces a shredded family life. 
  • Javi enters the home that the couple still owns together, via the basement. Kailyn labels him a “psycho,” and uses the incident to lure Jo over to the dark side. Jo’s promise to Isaac is seemingly forgotten, buried in dramatically hyped concern.
  • Jo’s fiancee, Vee Torres, objects, noting Javi’s broken heart, in a solo voice of reason. Vee sees through Kailyn’s plot — viewers cheer.
  • Kailyn is granted a protection from abuse order, after alleging harassment. Javi denies any intention to threaten or harm Kailyn, and calls the order “pathetic.” Javi signs a consent PFA, which states that there is no evidence of abuse. His contact with Kailyn must be limited to discussion about their son, Lincoln, for a year.

Kailyn tried to enlist Jo as the ‘bad guy’ — but did she succeed in keeping Javi away from Isaac? According to Jo — no way.

Do you believe that Javi maintains a close relationship with Isaac? Let us know what you think!


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