#RHOBH Recap: Lisa Vanderpump Forced To Invite Lisa Rinna on Hong Kong Trip

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills begins with Erika and her #1 fan, Eileen Davidson, meeting for lunch. We learn that Erika is headed home for a visit, and to see her mom perform in a play. Her mother is a real artist, and dabbles in all sorts of creative endeavors. We skip over to Kyle and Dorit, who are chatting about an upcoming boutique event, jazzed up by a social media celeb. The dueling gossip sessions commence, mini-rehashes of the drama between Kim and Rinna. We join the liar herself, who is yelling at her dog, and reflecting back on her glorious makeup snuggle with Kim. Rinna hopes that the energy can turn from negative to positive, and that she can actually manage the truth, for a change. Dorit believes that Rinna is a shifty fake, and Kyle cosigns, pointing out that Rinna hustles lies as easily as QVC poly-ponchos. Lisa agrees, discussing the conundrum with Ken, weirdly sticking up for Eden. Kyle just wants Kim to be ok with the cast fibber — and if she is — it’s all good.

The boutique event is underway, and Kyle is shelling out the bucks for a big time Instagram star. The Fat Jewish phones Rinna to give her a thrill — busting her for shoe shopping while faking the stomach flu. Kyle giggles at Rinna’s lie of the episode, always the light-hearted lane hopper. Dorit almost breaks her ankle getting out of the car, but makes it in in one piece. Eileen, Camille, and Eden appear, and black is the fashion statement of the night. The ladies shop and chatter, as Lisa and Ken make their way through the crowd. The Fat Jewish gives Kyle a rather nauseating lap dance — the icky display categorized under “marketing.” Erika gives Dorit a compliment, and Dorit shades her for being stingy with the flattery. Lisa invites Erika and Tom’s private jet to Hong Kong to film a documentary about Yulin, and we hear that Kyle is already on board. Erika oversteps and invites Eileen, and Eden is strangely included, after practically panting for an invite.

A girls lunch at Lisa’s home is up next, and Dorit smothers Erika in a creepy Eden hug to kick off the fun. Kyle announces the arrival of Kim’s sweet grandson, and we hear that a family mob was there for the big event. Lisa blasts Erika for inviting Eileen to Japan, but decides that she’s ok with anyone who will tweet about her cause. The group smirks over Eden’s hardcore desperation to be included, and Dorit admits that Eileen and Rinna are untrustworthy hags. Dorit wonders aloud where Erika’s ice princess shtick comes from, and Erika shares that a brokenhearted mom nurtured her frosty personality. Erika shares that her mother was hard on her as a child — a storyline dramatically whipped out thin air. Erika explains that her mother was damaged, so she grew up in a tough environment. Kyle thinks that Erika is guarded because people judge her trashy persona, not simply because a major snooze lurks under that pile of weave. Dorit points out that an icy bore is hard to get to know, and Erika all but admits that she is one hard-ass dance queen.

Erika and two glam-squadders are on the move, heading down to Georgia, evidently operating on a slashed beauty budget. Back home, Kyle delivers a bassinet to Kim, as Kim gushes excited joy over the new arrival. The delivery was a family affair, and Granny Kim is over the moon. The sisters discuss Rinna’s lying mouth, and Kim volunteers Kyle to manage the madness in her deliberate absence. Erika and the two tagalongs arrive at her mother’s home — the former home of her grandparents. Erika offers a family history, and the awkwardness in the room is palpable. Erika tears up while sharing — remembering her grandmother’s sad and slow demise. Her mom shows up, rocking a puss-patting tee — and Erika continues the family rundown. Erika’s mother is infinitely more interesting than she is, but Erika describes her as a rough parent. Erika blasts her mother as a one who pushes accomplishing dreams through hard work — minus adequate motherly support. The scene explains much about Erika’s later mission to bag a wealthy grandhusband.

Meanwhile, Lisa is setting up her doggie utopia, as Rinna arrives for a strained visit. Rinna’s tummy is still a but pukey — she says anyway — but she patiently listens to Lisa’s plea for help. Lisa jokes with Rinna about requiring her to obey in order to score a ticket to Hong Kong, and Rinna plays along. They agree to drop the messy Dubai debacle — and try to move on in a different foreign land. Lisa calls Rinna a Season 6 bitch, and Rinna can’t resist firing back the same insult. Rinna is thrilled that she hustled some forgiveness from the queen, and strips off her lashes to seal the deal. Lisa basks in the sheer power of having a cast mate yip on command — and hopes that she has secured a leashed servant for the overseas jaunt.

Back in Georgia, Erika and her mom trek into the woods, to visit her grandparents’ grave. The pair softly talks about how they miss their family, and Erika sheds a few tears. The unfamiliar droplets trigger yet another convo about Erika’s childhood. Erika was treated like an adult early — due to a young and overwhelmed mom. Erika’s mom was tough on Erika — but the ongoing description is still a fuzzy one. Erika blames her upbringing for keeping her heart a frozen blob, only thawing for a hefty bank account. Erika shares that she has little tolerance for weak crybabies — unless they’re named Yolanda Foster, and accompanied by a Bravo check. Erika is relieved that her mom admitted to treating her “that way,” and her mom lays on the praise, hoping to offer a belated bandaid for her “hard” and “that way” parenting.

Pack your bags — because the ladies head for Hong Kong next week!


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