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Jenelle Evans’ Strategy To Freeze Barbara Evans Out of The MTV Spotlight EXPOSED As Custody Battle Looms! #TeenMom2

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Jenelle Evans is seeking custody of the seven-year-old son, Jace that she gave up — the Teen Mom 2 star is set to face off against her mother, in May!

Jenelle has been using the MTV stage to sell her case — claiming that her current relationship is a keeper, stability her permanent reality. Jenelle’s newest strategy is to freeze Barbara Evans out of the MTV spotlight — but the move  appears to be a deflection of her own game, fired at the woman who rescued her child.

Jenelle has been hit by blistering fan feedback after bashing her mother on camera — and is alleging that Barbara’s motivation rests in a MTV paycheck.  However, as Barbara continues to devote her life to Jace — Jenelle needs to take a good long look in the mirror. Why?

Barbara holds a job, as well as caring for Jace full-time. Jenelle talks about securing a real career — but has yet to follow through. Her boyfriend, David Eason, does not work. Their livelihood is MTV, period.

Viewers appreciate Barbara, because she tells the no-holds-barred truth. She reveals herself as worn out, frustrated, and imperfect — but genuine. Jenelle works to paint a pretty picture, but regularly exposes turmoil. She routinely trips herself up in lies, changing her story as she goes along.

Jenelle recently gave one excuse for bailing on a Teen Mom 2 after-show — a week later, there was a new one. Fans listened to her complain and whine about illness and anxiety, but were later informed that such problems never existed, in a world freshly reinvented with her latest lover.

Passionate fans have been saying for years that Jenelle has molded her life — including birthing multiple children — around MTV cash. Online sleuths routinely bust Jenelle in lies, contradictions, and tantrums, exposing the storm that continues to rage behind closed doors. Jenelle’s truth shifts regularly, in a never-ending struggle to portray a stable picture, set against a troubled immaturity that proves the opposite. Barbara continues to live her everyday life, revealing snippets of her fight to protect a child — while being beaten down by the very person she swooped in to save. Jenelle’s reality is a shifting snapshot, but there’s no evidence that Barbara’s objective has budged in seven years — to put Jace first, and give him the best shot at a stable, loving home. 

Jenelle Evans is fighting to regain custody, but her latest argument is a pilfered one. Her refusal to film with her mother points to her own sad truth — and the deflection is not going unnoticed, as viewers follow her chaotic story. 

You make the call — and catch Teen Mom 2, Monday nights, on MTV. 


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