#TeenMom2 Fans Slam Jenelle Evans “Sickening” Outbursts On Mom Barbara Evans!

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Jenelle Evans is being skewered on social media, after Monday’s episode of Teen Mom 2 exposed the reality star spewing more venom at her mother, Barbara Evans.

Jenelle is seen exploding during a phone call, with her son, Jace, seated at the same table. Jace’s grandmother was later nastily dissed on camera by her daughter — triggering tears and more upset. The mother/daughter relationship continues it’s public nosedive — as the May custody battle for Jace, 7, draws closer.



Viewers blasted Jenelle’s abusive behavior — slamming the nasty conduct on  Instagram.


“I hope the judge never gives u ur son bc ur not a nice person especially to ur mom.”

“U really need to stop yelling and fighting in front of jace. Do u see his face @j_evans1219 when you were yelling on the phone to your mom? Please stop fighting in front of jace and the rest of your kids!!”

“The yelling in fro t of all her children is a sad sight to watch!! At least leave the room…. sickening.”

“Ur a sorry excuse for a daughter and mother, u really need to learn respect!! This show made u and u know that is right because u wouldn’t have money if it weren’t for this show and honestly u prob still be doing drugs…. u don’t deserve any of ur kids, get ur tubes tied and stop reproducing please.”

“All i have to say is you really need to stop talking about the stuff with your mom in front of Jace. He is hurting. And not for nothing if he didn’t have her to care him these last 8 years where would he be. ??? There are ppl that arent so fortunate to have the help of parents to help out to raise their grandkids. Its heartbreaking to see Jaces face everytime you 2 fight in front of him.”

“U idiot u respect Your controlling boyfriend more than u respect your mother isn’t that sad.”

“I Can Tell Jace Wants To Stay With His Gma The Why He Acts When He Sees Her Is Priceless.”

“So sad how you treat your mom! After all she’s done for you and your son.”

“Disrespectful that’s your name you should be thankful for your mom you delusional little girl bc she’s been raising your son while you’ve been laid up with a guy for the past 8 yrs,,,I pray you never get him back,,,,#TeamBarb all day everyday ????????????”

“I feel so sorry for him!!!! He must have some serious emotional issues!!! My heart hurts for him seeing his face tonight as your yelling at your mom!! Do you think that’s ok to talk like that in front of him!!!! Jace is better off with barb!!!!”

Twitter sounded off, with many pointing out Jace’s immediate protective love for Barbara — the true mother figure in his life.


Jenelle’s temper continues to expose the real story, and fans are not letting her off the hook — will a judge?

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