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#RHOA Porsha Williams Accuses Kandi Burruss of Lying & Dragging Out Lesbian Storyline To Sell Sex Toys [Instagram LIVE]

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Williams has been embroiled in a huge mess with costar, Kandi Burruss this season.

It started with a comment made by Phaedra Parks, who said Kandi and her husband, Todd, have been having threesomes with Shamea Morton. Who happens to be Porsha’s best friend.

Though Porsha didn’t deny the allegation, she was ultimately the one who took the blame for the accusation about Kandi being a closet lesbian. Things spiraled from there.

Porsha took to Instagram Live to answer fans’ questions about the show this season. One that kept popping up was why Porsha didn’t tell Kandi it was Phaedra who brought the rumors to light.

“I’ve been on this show for four years now… Y’all have seen me go to bat, go hard for myself…so when I got this friendship with Phaedra, which was at the time when she was going through her divorce…we bonded. Once I’m your friend, I’m very loyal. So for me, I wanted to hold her down…”

When Phaedra, Porsha, and Sheree Whitfield had dinner, Phaedra let it slip about the threesome. The women thought they were speaking off camera, that the rumor would never be a part of the show.

“…at this point, it’s gotten too dark… I wish it would be over with.”

When Kandi confronted Porsha in an outdoor restaurant, things went dirty and ugly. Porsha accused Kandi of having a long term affair with another woman. She accused Todd of cheating on Kandi and using an alias of “Marvin.” But what upset Kandi the most was an unseen clip where Porsha said someone told her that Kandi and Todd wanted to drug her, take her home, and rape her.

Kandi got together with the other women on the show — except for Phaedra — and told them what Porsha had said.

“…she [Kandi] forced it [the drugging allegations] into the storyline. When she had that big sitdown, she forced them to do the flashback.”

Furthermore, Porsha was adamant that she never mentioned Shamea in Kandi’s plan to drug and rape her. She wondered why Kandi would bring Shamea into the mix.

“Why lie? Why exaggerate? She’s sensationalizing it. How are you going to try and add in Shamea when I didn’t even say Shamea?”

Porsha believes Kandi is keeping the feud between them alive to give herself a storyline.

Kandi is watching the show like we’re watching the show. She knows everything that’s being said by everybody. It benefits her to keep the beef up with me because she knows I’m not going to sit up here and continue to let you say anything about me…the storyline continues.”

She went on to imply that Kandi wants to keep her name in the press.

“She knows who says what…she’s still keeping the beef with me because it’s buzz worthy.”

Porsha admits she wished things between her and Kandi hadn’t gotten so low. When they met face to face:

“We were pissed off. If you look at the whole season, she’s [Kandi] a ticking time bomb.”

Ultimately, Porsha defended herself by saying:

“I’m not the one running around doing all these interviews. This is the first time I’ve spoken about it. And I’m only doing this because I don’t appreciate being called a liar.”

Earlier, Porsha said she was taking questions to tell the truth and didn’t care if anyone believed her or not.

Porsha maintains that this incident was tiny, but Kandi “snowballed this for no reason.” She didn’t like the fact that Kandi referred to her as an aggressive lesbian, and she puts the entire blame on Kandi for turning this into a bigger storyline that it had to be.

In the background, Porsha’s sister, Lauren, is egging her on. She blames Sheree for naming Porsha in the first place, since Porsha never called Kandi a lesbian.

Porsha agreed, but said:

“At the same time, who cares? If that’s what you do, that’s what you do. If I dipped in the pond, if I’m bisexual, it’s what I do. It’s not a big deal…but if you want to get mad…about what people in Atlanta have known for years…all this stuff has already been out here.”

Porsha went on to deny that she’s ruining Kandi’s brand.

“What is your brand? You sell dildos.”

If, as Porsha claims, she doesn’t care if anyone believes her, why is she spending all this time talking to fans? Because she feels she owes it to the people who support her to tell the truth.

“I’m not a liar… when I finally use my words, now they have a problem… The club incident was 3 years [ago]…I’m speaking about it now, once again…because I want to be a part of the conversation.”

Porsha thinks the public views her as a liar because Kandi called all the women together and gave her side of the story. Since most of them don’t like Porsha anyway, she feels they all hopped on the bandwagon.

Porsha says everyone has lied on this show, especially Kandi. Kandi claimed that she had no idea that Block was married when she was dating him. She was a pregnant side piece, and now she’s lying about it.

She also complained about how hard it is to be on the show and in the public eye.

“It is not easy to be on this show. It has its benefits…but you don’t know who’s telling the truth.”

Porsha feels that her argument with Kandi got out of hand, and it was out of character for her to tell someone else’s business. But when Kandi went low, Porsha felt she had no choice but to do the same, even though it didn’t “feel good.”

“I said she had a 7 year…6 year relationship with a woman…my ex told her I had a relationship with one of my friends. Which is a damned lie.”

Porsha never took up for Shamea, but she hopes that after this season they can still be friends. Watch Porsha’s Instagram Live rant below.

So, what do you make of Porsha’s defense? Do you believe her or is she lying?


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