‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Tea: Joseline and Stevie J, K. Michelle Slams Cast #LHHATL

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Love and Hip Hop ATL made its return to VH1 last night, and it started with a bang!

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J haven’t seen each other in six months. Considering she was pregnant with his baby, that was kind of a problem. Another concern? Stevie wasn’t convinced the kid was his.

According to the VH1 blog:

“Since Joseline has been pregnant, Stevie hasn’t been there for her the majority of the pregnancy, which pushed her to serve Stevie with court papers. He explains that the only reason he’s been a ghost is because he’s been seeing Joseline running around with other dudes in the blogs, not to mention the fact that she’s said some really harsh things about Stevie and Mimi on social media.”

Being on the receiving end of mean tweets seems like it should be the least of his worries.

Joseline served Stevie with papers to get him to wake the hell up and take his responsibilities seriously.

Joseline tells Stevie that the only reason she had him served was to give him a wake up call. She invites Stevie to her baby shower and breaks down because she’s offended that Stevie would even question the paternity in the first place.”

But that wasn’t the only baby mama drama going on. Kirk Frost cheated on his wife, Rasheeda, with Jasmine Washington. And she got knocked up. Whoops!

During the masquerade party thrown by Joseline, Karlie Redd dons and mask to spy on her man, Yung Joc. When she sees him convabbing with Jasmine, she starts asking the tough questions, like who is the daddy of Jasmine’s baby? Jasmine, bold as ever, says Kirk is the dad. She says:

“I know he hasn’t told his wife and his baby.”

Well, I’m sure she’s going to find out soon.

When Kirk hears Jasmine telling everyone about her kid’s paternity, he tells Rasheeda that all that baby talk is a pack of lies. He just met Jasmine at a strip club. C’mon, now!

And if you’re wondering why K. Michelle isn’t in the picture this season, it’s because she had some super harsh things to say about the show.

Last spring, she posted a picture of herself and Patti LaBelle as she answered questions about her return to the show, saying:

“Never going back again. Not for all the money in the world!”

So, did you watch the premiere of LHHATL? What do you make of all the messy drama?


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