Bizarre: #RHOBH Eden Sassoon Feels Kim & Kyle Richards Are Mean & Lack ‘Compassion’ For Her!

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Eden Sassoon is making the most of her rookie season — clinging to relevance via careless comments made by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills bigmouth, Lisa Rinna. Rinna blurted the gossip — Eden ran with it — and is now addressing the latest cast rehash in her blog.

Eden begins by thanking drop-in, Carnie Wilson, for her articulate support.

“They’ve lost sisters. You have to be compassionate, for if they judge a little too quickly, it’s all fear and sadness in there. And that’s their character defense, that they have to reel it in and go, ‘Whoa! Check, I’m doing that again.’”

Eden admits that she is finally seeing what has been annoying viewers from day one — but objects to the perception. 

“It looked like I was trying to insert myself into Kyle and Kyle’s life. But that truly wasn’t the case! Like Carnie said, that was my character defense. I immediately felt the need to help, and it escalated the situation.”

Just when we thought it was safe — Eden revs up the hashtags. The part-timer complains about being shut down and repetitively slammed by the Richards sisters.

“I mean, god, every time I turn around, there is another confessional from Kim and Kyle about how I disgust them or how much torture it will be if I come up to talk to them. How are they supposed to understand where I am coming from, or even act like they have compassion for me, if they won’t let me speak to them? #GetToKnowMe”

Eden defends her intrusive interjection during game night.

“And please, Kim: Forgive me for stepping in on a conversation that was going NOWHERE at Game Night. I was trying to help you two actually hear each other so that you didn’t have to continue ripping each other apart!”

Eden abruptly switches gears and empathizes with Kim, hoping to land as her “sober friend.”

“It was emotional hearing Kim open up about her struggles. I relate on so many levels. I really do understand where she is coming from, which is why I want nothing but the best for her. I believe she can learn to understand me in the future, and I hope it’s sooner rather than later.  #SoberFriends”

Eden reminds her readers that she is not to blame for the gossipy fiasco.

RINNA OWNED HER TRUTH. Finally. I still took a lot of heat for repeating what she told me to Vanderpump. A LOT. Again, I told Vanderpump because I was at a point where I needed someone to listen to the situation I was put in. It was not to continue the spreading of a terrible rumor. It was not meant to hurt Kim. And I can only thank Vanderpump for understanding that I am not the one to blame in this situation and voicing that opinion on camera.”

In case anyone missed it — Eden will never curb her enthusiastic meddling, even if the recipient begs for mercy.

“Note To Self: As a recovering alcoholic, I will never turn my back on someone that needs help. Ever.” 

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