Tacky! #RHONJ Fans Blast Melissa Gorga Over ENVY Boutique Instagram Post Amid Mother-In-Law’s Sudden Death

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This past weekend was a sad one for fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Antonia Gorga, mother of Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga, died on Friday — the beloved matriarch passing away at the age of 66, after a lengthy hospitalization.

The ongoing family trial did not thwart Melissa Gorga from promoting her wares on social media — strutting her stuff and posting the shots on Instagram.




On Sunday, fan opinion exploded when Melissa posted a selfie — while surrounded by raw family heartbreak. 


“At least wait couple of days … totally disrespectful”

“Bad timing! Smh!! RIP Antonia Gorga ????????”

“So disappointed. Who approved this. @envybymg especially being Italian, u should know better. Poor choice!”

“Wow, you would think her media people would have better sense.”

“disrespectful @envybymg @melissagorga”

“THIS IS AWFUL!!!! Melissa you should be ashamed of yourself!”

“Horrible to post a cheap shirt after her mother in law dies

heatherkkb Tacky Tacky Tacky. Your showing your lack of class. Take care of your Family.”

“Yesss I totally agree. Not a good idea to post this pic when Melissa’s MIL just passed away. Very disrespectful.”

“Very inappropriate post!”

Melissa posted a family shot a few hours earlier, as tribute to her mother-in-law, writing, “May she Rest In Peace. She was a beautiful woman who loves her children & grandchildren so immensely❤ I watched Joe & Teresa sit by her side for the last three months, the heart in this family is strong & she will live in our hearts forever.”


Melissa shifted from sentimental back to selfie in a flash — and is being raked mercilessly for it. Do you think that she deserves it?


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