Did Lisa Rinna Admit to ‘Enabler’ Gossip Because She Was Caught In A Lie? #RHOBH

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Grab your antacids, kids. You’re going to need it for Lisa Rinna’s saccharine sweet blog this week.

Apparently she thinks she’s starring in an episode of Dr. Phil rather than The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, because she’s chock full of healing, moving on, and making amends.

“…Kim and I have finally made amends, owned up to what we’ve said and done to one another, and have made a mutual commitment to move away from the negativity…”

Here’s my issue with Rinna. She’s a straight up liar. She lied last season about Lisa Vanderpump trying to manipulate her into talking about Munchausen, and she lied this season about gossiping to Eden Sassoon over Kim Richards’ sobriety.

Game Night didn’t need to go in a bad direction — Kim was on her best behavior. Kim is always coming from a very messed up place, but that night, she merely pointed out that Rinna and Eileen Davidson tend to get each other riled up. It escalated from there.

Is Kim perfect? No. She intimated some things about Harry Hamlin and never took responsibility for it. That’s because she can’t. She’s damaged. She’s an addict. She’s a former child star whose development was arrested at an early age. But what’s Rinna’s damage?

Even at the cheesecake tasting, Rinna tried to turn the tables on Dorit Kemsley. Dorit wondered why Rinna flew off the handle at Game Night. Rinna immediately snapped back, asking if Dorit even remembered what happened — implying that Dorit was too drunk to recall the conversation.

Now, let’s take a minute here to reflect on that bit of hypocrisy. Rinna claimed she couldn’t remember any of the mean things she’d told Eden about Kim, but when confronted on her behavior, tried to put down Dorit. She’s a nasty piece of work, and hides her anger behind that screechy laugh and a bit of self-deprecation. But when confronted, she lashes out.

For all her “owning it, baby” mantra — Rinna doesn’t. Not until she’s faced with no other choice and realizes she looks foolish.

“I meant what I said when I spoke of coming from a good place and wanting to move on with every ounce of my being.”

Nope, she was venting to Eden. And not only was she venting, she wanted to use Eden as her mouthpiece. I believe she sought out Eden and then filled her head with a bunch of gossip before asking for her “help” in smoothing things over with Kim.

“Thank God for Carnie Wilson and Kim’s sponsor, Clare, for helping us get to a place where we could heal. They were a crucial part of this process, and I admire the wisdom and peace they were able to bring to the situation.”

Oh, please. Save all this peace and light crap for someone who hasn’t seen you in action these past two seasons, Rinna.

She accused Kim of not acting like a sober person…until Kim introduced her sponsor. Then Rinna began to backpedal.

So, am I being too hard on Sudsy? Do you think she was coming from a good place? And would she have “owned it” if she hadn’t been cornered?


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