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‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Star Jacqueline Laurita Gets Fourth Boob Job! #RHONJ

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Jacqueline Laurita has gone under the knife—again.

Laurita recently had a fourth boob job in December, after she “started looking like…Aunt Rose.” I guess when you get your card punched three times, the fourth one’s free! 

An Ideal Implant representative told the New York Post:

Jacqueline reached out to Ideal Implant and they covered the cost of her implants and surgery.”

Those puppies have to be rotated every ten years, but Laurita turned her D cup for a C cup three years early. She told People Style:

“The [saline-based implants] have the softness and naturalness of silicone but don’t ripple or slosh around. They feel so natural and my clothes finally fit how I want them to. Things zip up better, I can wear button-up shirts without tank tops underneath. It’s great. You don’t have to do MRIs anymore, and if it ruptures you know immediately because it will collapse.”

Laurita also received a few facial injections from Dr. David Rapaport at CoolSpa clinic in Manhattan. Now her frown lines are a thing of the past.

The reality star is not done.

“I haven’t had a face lift yet, but I am considering a lower face lift. I would love to do my lower eyes. They take out the bags, puffiness, extra skin. I’ll never say I won’t do something because I used to be completely against plastic surgery when I was younger, then I got older and started falling apart.”

She’s also had an eye lift performed by Dr. Rosenburg. Jacqueline’s touting his services on Instagram.

“An amazing man by the name of Dr. Victor I. Rosenberg, did my upper eyelid surgery to get rid of my sagging, heavy upper eye lid.”

Chris approves of the cosmetic changes. He says Jacqueline’s new breasts “feel great.”

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About last night…

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Laurita has kept quiet on whether she’ll return to RHONJ this upcoming season, but Danielle Staub, Siggy Flicker, and Dolores Catania have said they’re heading back for another round.

So, do you want to see Jacqueline come back and confront Danielle? And what do you think of her having another breast procedure?


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