‘Little Women: LA’ Season 6 Premiere Recap: Elena Blindsides Terra & Demands She Quits ‘Dancing With The Stars’

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Little Women: LA are back with their big drama for season six. Jasmine is 35 weeks and ready to pop. She’s the last one of ladies to have a baby, and I for one, am so glad no one will be pregnant – at least for a while. Jasmine does know the gender of the baby but doesn’t know if the baby is average or little sized. Little Mason, who is average, is having fun unpacking mom’s bag for the hospital.

Up next, we check in with Briana, Elena and Tonya to catch up on what else, baby stuff. Elena’s twins are six months old and she and Preston are waiting for the results of the dwarfism tests. Tonya is still trying launch her baby, the active wear line, but it’s not ready yet. Briana tells the girls she’s throwing Jasmine a surprise baby shower and everyone is invited even “Crazy Christy.”

Jasmine waddles up to the park to join the ladies so mum on the word about the baby shower. Instead the ladies trash-talk Terra who is too busy on Dancing With the Stars to return their calls. They say they are concerned about her health, specifically her breast that was leaking blood. But if you want to see Terra you have to go to the dance studio. Briana says she is no longer jealous that Terra was the first little person on DWTS, though nobody believes her. Briana says she isn’t upset that her agent dropped the dancing-ball and Terra’s agent didn’t, she just feels their friendship isn’t in the same place as the other girls.

Terra is busy, busy, busy, dancing the night away and is currently in the top five spot on DWTS. Joe is at home packing to leave and the two argue over who is around the least. Joe is happy to get some me time and thinks Terra should just suck it up now that she’s a big star. No shocker that Terra is having health problems from not taking the time to heal properly after her pregnancy and has two hernias.

Across town, Elena is taking Tonya to an erotica book store to help her get her groove back with Preston. She asks Tonya where the craziest place she’s had sex and we learn in an elevator, on a rooftop and at the beach. Tonya says she doesn’t do handcuffs and doesn’t need no book, but feels she and Kerwin could write one. You go, girl. 50 Shades of your bad self!

Moving on to more trash-talk of Terra, Elena still hasn’t heard from her. Tonya explains that Terra is very busy. Too busy for her family and friends. Elena says she feels closer to Jasmine and at first she hated Jasmine. Now look at the two of them – they are getting along and it’s all Terra’s fault! Elena says she’s not a priority for Terra anymore so therefore she and Joe will not be her twins’ Godparents. Which is a blessing in disguise because Terra is just too busy and would ignore them.

Christy is meeting her snarky friend Rhonnie from last season’s casino debacle. Christy tells her she received the invite from Briana which was really weird since she was dead to Briana all this time. It’s very noticeable that Christy is struggling to talk during her confessionals, but nothing is said about it. Is it laryngitis? Is it from her surgery? We don’t know. Christy tells Rhonnie that she and Todd are at a breaking point due to Todd’s overeating and his being a recluse. Christy feels Todd is eating himself to death and has given him an ultimatum, the worst thing possible, that if he doesn’t make progress in six months he must either go to rehab or go back home to Ohio. Christy says she cannot watch Todd die. The drama this woman creates!

The following morning, Tonya wakes up with paralysis on the left side of her face, and after being rushed to the doctor, learns she has Bell’s palsy. This is caused by a virus triggered by stress. Kerwin wants her to be patient to heal and take it easy, but Tonya is too busy. She’s got a baby shower to attend and doesn’t want her friends to see her this way. Kerwin tells her they’ve been through rougher times and will get through this.

Terra and her dance partner Sasha are dealing with being on the bottom on the show. He is trying to change the dance to accommodate her two hernias but has no idea about her bleeding breast. Tonya stops by to visit Terra and she is shocked by her friend’s frozen half-face. Terra explains that she rehearses from 7 am to 7 pm, then must do interviews, then must go home to her family. Tonya explains it’s stress like this which caused her Bell’s Palsy. The conversation then leads to Terra’s bad health and Sasha is upset to learn there’s more than he thought. Sasha storms out because he wants Terra to be healthy, not dead.

It’s baby shower time! For the last time! This season! Matt is helping Briana set up since their babysitter cancelled and he has nothing else going on since he’s not allowed to troll the internet. Maverick is there too. Elena and Preston arrive and are bummed that a baby is there since they went to the trouble of getting a reliable babysitter. The little women freak out with they see Tonya, but there’s no time to dwell because the guests are showing up. Christy arrives and wants to see Maverick but is backing off so not to upset Briana. Terra is too busy dancing to attend.

Jasmine arrives blindfolded for her “family day out.” I mean she doesn’t have enough struggles in life being little, pregnant with complications, but why not blindfold her. Husband Chris takes off her blindfold and she sees they are at a toy train store, and is a little disappointed, until she hears, “Surprise!” Jasmine is so happy because she thought her friends forgot about her. It’s time for the gender reveal with paint filled balloons. Chris and Jasmine throw the balloons and we learn they are having a – nother boy!

Tonya explains to the ladies how hard Terra is working with her two hernias. Elena thinks Terra’s priorities out of whack. Tonya says that Terra is so close to the end, nothing short of death is going to stop her. Christy thanks Briana and asks her to go out for a cup of tea sometime. Briana looks to Matt for an excuse, but for once he’s staying out of it. Briana says she’ll think about it and Christy is excited about this, but Briana only has tacky things to say about Christy like how rude and selfish she was to ask her out to tea. Matt points out how hard that must have been for Christy to do, but Briana doesn’t care to mend fences with Christy because she needs a storyline this season.

Elena stops by uninvited to the dance studio to confront Terra and her reckless ways. Her first complaint is Terra not returning her texts. Terra is tired that no one has her back and cries as she explains that DWTS is so much harder than she thought but it will all be over in three weeks – so everyone back off until then. Elena tells her to get real, it’s not like Terra’s going to win. The two women start yelling at each other. Elena wants Terra to wake up and drop out.

Terra says she’s not a quitter and tells Elena to get out. Elena says she will no longer watch the show. So take that DWTS!


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