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Dorit Kemsley Calls Out Lisa Rinna For Pointing Fingers & Claiming To Forget Gossiping About Kim! #RHOBH

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie, Dorit Kemsley, graced the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse tonight. Dan Bucatinsky, actor and Housewives uber fan, sat in the guest seat.

First, Andy Cohen showed a montage of Carnie Wilson moments. The singer showed up in Kyle’s kitchen on tonight’s episode, pushing her bite sized cheesecakes on women who don’t eat. She tried to build a bridge between Kim and Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna. Dorit said:

“And she did it with so much class, and she did it with so much love, which really makes a difference.”

On a sneak peek of next week’s show, Dorit questions why Erika Girardi is so closed off to the other women. Erika, sporting a side ponytail, says her mother trusted too many people, and Erika views that as a weakness.

Dan has tentacles in the Housewives universe. Not only did he go to high school with Heather Dubrow, but he’s good friends with Carole Radziwill.

Tonight on RHOBH, Rinna finally fessed up to questioning Kim’s sobriety and saying the woman was knocking on death’s door. Andy played the clip of Lisa finally “figuring out” that she’d said everything that Eden Sassoon accused her of saying. Dorit wasn’t impressed by this unearthed memory.

“I guess, thankfully, she came to that conclusion. It’s funny, because she loves to point the finger when someone doesn’t remember something, but she finds herself in that same situation. That’s a pretty, pretty intense statement not to remember. So, the fact that she ‘owned it’ — kudos to her. It took a little while, but she did get there.”

Brandi Glanville tweeted into the show, saying:

“I might be as happy as Lisa Vanderpump that Lisa Rinna is finally getting what she deserves.”

A caller asked if Dorit believed Rinna would have admitted anything if the camera hadn’t been there to capture it.

“I think I’m a little too new and fresh to answer that correctly. I mean, probably. I think so. I’d like to think so.”

Dorit gave an update on her son, Jagger. The speech therapy worked, and he’s now talking.

She also said that she and Rinna weren’t friends.

“I wouldn’t say Lisa Rinna and I have a friendship outside of…no.”

Dan claims to be a superfan. He was asked a host of questions and when he got one wrong, Dorit was supposed to eat a mini cheesecake. Instead, she pinched off a teeny tiny nibble. It’s cheesecake, girl. Take a human sized bite, would you?!

So, what did you make of Rinna’s apology to Kim? And what about when Kyle snapped at LVP to pick a lane — was she spot on or out of line?


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