Top 10 Quotes From Barbara Evans #TeenMom2 Live After-Show — ‘She Does Not Know What Reality Is’

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Barbara Evans appeared on the Teen Mom 2 Live after-show Monday night, and offered a succinct rundown of her issues with her daughter, career reality star, Jenelle Evans.

The duo is at odds over the custody of Jenelle’s son, Jace, the boy made famous by his mother’s extended stint in the MTV spotlight. Barbara appeared saddened by her stormy relationship with Jenelle — but did not hold back from sharing her honest thoughts with a live audience. Her key points?

  • “I took Jace so he wouldn’t go to a foster home.”
  • “I tried to work this out with Jenelle — I said let’s work it out in mediation, but she won’t budge.”
  • “She tells me all the time ‘I hate you.’”
  • “Her present boyfriend [David Eason] is very controlling. He doesn’t like me and it puts a big wedge between our relationship.”
  • “My biggest concern with him is that he doesn’t work. He met Jenelle and he quit his job.”

A March 2016 police report linked to a domestic violence protective order violation backs Barbara’s assertion. MTV cameras captured Jenelle claiming that that David works “in Wilmington,” when questioned by her mother, but the report reads that he had no employer at the time of the charge.

  • “He says terrible, terrible things about me. He texts me all the time, and tells me all I am is an old grandma. ‘You shouldn’t be raising Jace, you’re too old.’ He said to me, ‘Wait til we see you in court, we will prove that you’re nothing but an alcoholic and doing drugs.’”
  • “I think one of the worst patterns that Jenelle has, is that she is always involved with these controlling men.”
  • “She puts these men in front of her children. It’s wrong.”
  • “I would like her to be a regular person — work a job and see how reality really is. Because she has been doing this show since she was a young girl — she does not know what reality is.”
  • “She supports the boyfriend. He doesn’t have a job. She pays for everything — boats, cars, trips..everything.”

Jenelle and Barbara are set to face off in court in May, to determine the fate of the seven-year-old. Jenelle cut and ran from appearing on Monday’s post-show sit-down, claiming illness, along with a decision to not engage. Barbara’s assessment has been a consistent one — and countless longtime viewers would cosign her points.    

Do you think Barbara was on point — or out of line?

Let us know what you think, and watch Teen Mom 2, Monday nights, on MTV.


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