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Caught In A Lie: Secret Footage Expose #LHHNY Yandy Smith-Harris’ Lies & Social Media Drags Her!

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Mona Scott Young got Yandy Smith-Harris together on part two of the Love & Hip Hop New York Reunion last night for lying and making VH1 pay for her wedding! 

Yandy has long insisted that she only wants to bring all of Mendeecees children together and end the feuding between the grown ups. However, during the second part of the Love & Hip Hop New York Season 7 Reunion — producers released definitive proof that busts Yandy for keeping the drama alive between herself, Erika and Samantha. Apparently, Yandy plays victim, while Erika and Samantha are made to look like crazy bitter baby mamas, but that is the furthest from the truth.

Here’s the rundown…

Yandy has been pretty ruthless to Mendeecees‘ baby mamas, and continues to claim to be Mendeecees‘ wife, although they aren’t legally married. Yandy also maintains that she didn’t know her bestie Kimbella, was planning to crash little Mendeecees‘ birthday party but a phone conversation reveals otherwise. Additionally, Yandy‘s sister and her stylists attacked Samantha at the reunion, and Yandy claimed she didn’t know who the attackers were then video footage was shown of Yandy identifying her sister “Keisha” as one of the attackers.

After the damning reunion footage aired, Yandy took to Instagram to post some clips from the season and was dragged in her comments:

View previous post…as this season comes to a close I've attached a few of my past notable clips. Enjoy ????????

A post shared by Yandy Smith-Harris (@yandysmith) on

“So they exposed all of your lies and now you mad? Now your attaching clips? Insinuating that you will go to court and actually filing for support are two different things baby girl. I should know, I work there ???? You dig yourself deeper every time. That ring means nothing when there’s no paper work. Sis faked an entire wedding ???????? ????‍♂️ help her father.”

“*Yandy, you blocked my other account, but, left a comment? I didn’t get it since it disappeared too fast* Here it goes again: Yandy, you set up Samantha and you know it. Then, you lied about not knowing who did it. The subtext on the Reunion said they were known to you. Again, you are a liar. So @yandysmith secures the bag, huh? Erika said that Mendeecees gifted her an Audi with a red bow on it after Yandy announced her pregnancy. Yandy got all tight-lipped LMAO.”

“Frog face bitch just keeps lying out her mouth yandy get a life bitch @yandysmith”

“You’re a certified liar ???????? after they showed you on the phone with Kim bella I don’t believe anything u say and keep your animals on a leash.”

“I believe Yandy then got caught in many lies. Ladies keep it 100 for the kids sake.”

Tell us what you think. Has Yandy‘s lies finally caught up with her? Was the reunion too violent? Sound off in the comments.


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