Jenelle Evans Blames MTV For Ditching Newborn To Attend After Show….Chelsea DeBoer Defends Network! #TeenMom2

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Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, is crying foul, but is her co-star, Chelsea DeBoer, crying LIAR?

Jenelle has been shading MTV on Twitter — claiming that the network is forcing her to attend tonight’s live Teen Mom 2 after show, despite the fact that she gave birth to her third child only five weeks ago.

Jenelle is alleging that MTV required her and boyfriend, David Eason, to fly across the country, after rejecting her postpartum protest.

Jenelle is known for slamming the network that signs her paychecks — but Chelsea is painting a very different picture. Chelsea and Jenelle’s babies were born one day apart. Chelsea defended MTV — and may have just  exposed Jenelle as a liar.

Jenelle has a love/hate relationship with the spotlight — but appears anxious to sell her life as a stable one, as the court battle for her son, Jace, nears. Jace, 7, remains in the custody of Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans. The mother/daughter duo is set to face off in court, in May. Did Jenelle choose to leave her newborn for a prized shot at selling a cleaned-up image?

Fans are questioning Jenelle’s story, and want to know why David did not stay behind, to care for their baby daughter.

Viewers blasted Jenelle for the alleged fib — and pointed to an ongoing reality rivalry with Chelsea.

Jenelle posted a fan tweet implying that MTV is demanding more from her than from her co-star — for their own shady storyline purposes. 

Jenelle fired a shot at Chelsea, for stepping over the social media line.

What do you believe? Teen Mom scapegoat — or the same old liar, trying to rebuild her reality rep? 

Watch Teen Mom 2, tonight at 9 pm, and TM2 Live, at 10 pm, ET, on MTV. 


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