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#BelowDeck Star Kyle Dixon Arrested For Robbing UK Bar For $8,000!

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Below Deck star, Kyle Dixon, has sailed into troubled waters.

The reality deck hand was arrested earlier this month for robbing a bar in the United Kingdom after flying home from Los Angeles.

The incident reportedly happened last year after Dixon allegedly stole $8,000 euro from a pub. Dixon said he was “marched off the plane in handcuffs” at the Gatlin airport and then released on bail, pending the investigation. According to Dixon this was all a misunderstanding. He was “helping” a friend at the bar and then next thing he knows, he’s being charged with a robbery a year later.

Dixon first joined Below Deck during season 4 and is reportedly not slated to return for season 5. He is a busy man now is caring for two daughters. During his short tenure on the show, Dixon fell in love with Sierra Storm, but that love soon turned to hate. He also brought on board his transgendered girlfriend, only to break up with her with promises to be by her side when she finishes her reassignment surgery.

But he isn’t the first Below Deck to have trouble with the law. Kate Chastain is also facing legal troubles over her alleged domestic abuse of her ex-girlfriend. Kate stated last year on Watch What Happens Live that she has “dangerously bad taste in romantic partners, but luckily, I have impeccable taste in attorneys.”


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