‘Married to Medicine’ Reunion Recap: Lisa Nicole Puts Darren In His Place ‘You Gotta Stop Saying Dumb Sh*t’ #Married2Med

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Married to Medicine wrapped it’s season Friday night — the second part of the reunion a mix of shade and truth, colored by rumors rehashed, and friendships challenged.

Mariah’s Shade/ Shading Mariah

The show begins with a snarky shade rewind. Andy immediately tags Mariah as the shadiest player of the bunch — especially when it comes to Quad. Mariah points out that they all threw shade all season, but somehow she is always tagged as the champ. Quad denies engaging in the backbiting, and Heavenly butts in, jabbing that Mariah is jealous of Quad. Heavenly claims that Mariah is peeved that she lost the “most popular” title to Quad, but Mariah barely blinks in response. Toya shades Mariah’s friendship skills, and Simone is tired of apologizing to Mariah for dumping her for Quad. Mariah is sad that the show wrecked her friendship with Simone, and hopes that time will heal the wounds.

Heavenly butts in again, kicking off a raucous teeth-bashing session. Mariah beats Heavenly to the punch, and Heavenly flails for a return shot. The right couch finds a medical pro screeching insults hilarious, delighted to cosign Heavenly’s weak comeback. Mariah points out that for someone trying to grow her character, Heavenly is sure one messy bitch. Jackie shares a moment with Mariah, starting out careful and articulate, before slamming Mariah for a “lack of intelligence.”  Mariah sharply jabs back, noting the nasty condescension, and Jackie returns the punch, bashing Mariah’s body language. Mariah remains cool as a cucumber, and reminds Jackie that highfalutin shade, is still shade.

Marriage Mayhem

The husbands take the stage — and Darren proclaims Andy his new BFF, for sticking up for him earlier in the day. Jackie and Curtis update viewers with the state of their relationship — and the marriage appears to be hanging by a thread. Curtis regrets the Hawaii power struggle, but remains committed to the relationship. Jackie believes that being a woman makes her workaholic nature more scrutinized — but Curtis disagrees. Simone and Heavenly back Jackie’s commitment to her patients, and Andy reminds them that Jackie is working to fill the void left by not having children. Curtis states that they will continue to work on their marriage, but Jackie drops a bomb, pointing to a possible breakup. The others chatter encouragement frantically, but it looks like the marriage ship may have sailed.

Birthday Blackball

Dr. Gregory clarifies that he had no intention of turning a simple party diss into a messy and insulting spectacle. Aydin is disappointed that the pact to keep lady biz separate was broken — and Mariah blasts Quad for the shady gas money stunt. Quad begs to differ, calling her nasty maneuver gracious  consideration. No one buys it — including Quad.

Dodgy Dr. Darren

Andy gives Darren the floor — who immediately reiterates that he doesn’t have a gay bone in his body. He launches into labeling the gay accusations a disgraceful affront to the LGBT community. The cast objects, but Darren blasts Toya’s “gay ass” comment as a slur. Toya butts in, and assures him that the snark could actually be interpreted as a compliment — but it doesn’t fly. Darren claims to have been attacked, and Quad obnoxiously speaks down to him in protest. Andy, evidently Darren’s new valiant protector, slams Quad as rude. Eugene reminds everyone that Darren isn’t the only hubby who has been humiliated, successfully removing the heat from his wife. Lisa points out that her marriage was shaded 24/7 which invites Simone to object. Darren explains that the “5 years faithful” comment was a simple slip of a cheating tongue. He admits to dishonesty within the marriage — but not to infidelity, or undercover male love. Lisa tells the cast to mind their own biz, and her husband to cut the  “dumb sh*t” comments, so the cast won’t be armed to rip her to shreds. Lisa blasts Darren for his spermy double-talk, and Heavenly almost breaks out in applause. Darren is let off the hook, and Lisa pulls off briefly grabbing his attention. Toya apologizes for her part in Lisa’s heartache, then the husbands exit the set.

Breast Friends

Relationships between the ladies are raked over the coals, and Bravo gives us a rewind of the parties and events that played out over the season. Heavenly tags Mariah and Lisa as the drama starters, but Mariah comments that she can’t win with this shady gaggle of hens. Quad snaps back, assuring Mariah that she isn’t keeping the girls from her. Heavenly shifts gears, and abruptly decides that she holds no hard feelings towards Lisa  which encourages a mutual hope for a do-over. Andy closes the reunion with a fake round of kumbaya positivity — asking the ladies to offer a few nice comments about each other. The ladies oblige, and Heavenly decides that she actually adores Lisa — despite dragging her through the reality mud all season.

Who would you like to see stay on Married to Medicine — and who would you like to see go? Do you believe that Jackie and Curtis will save their marriage?


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