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#RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Weighs In On Joanna Krupa’s Lawsuit Against Brandi Glanville!

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Lisa Vanderpump finally weighed in on the Joanna Krupa “smelly coochie” lawsuit.

The star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a guest on Jenny McCarthy’s Sirius XM show on Thursday and spoke about her ongoing feud with Brandi Glanville, the lawsuit and where it all went wrong.

Lisa explained to McCarthy that while she and Brandi did become friends on the show, Scheana Marie’s employment at SUR ultimately came between their friendship, and Brandi began using Scheana as an excuse to be rude.

“[Brandi] started saying, ‘the fact that you continue to employ [Scheana]’ – but I knew her for years, Scheana had worked for me for years before I’d even met or heard of Brandi. Why would I fire her?” Lisa asked during the podcast.

Due to the past issue of Scheana having an affair with Eddie Cibrian, Brandi’s former husband, Brandi wanted Lisa to fire her. Sheana has always maintained she didn’t know that Cibrian was married, however, the split between Brandi and Eddie was not Scheana’s fault, it was due to his very public affair with LeAnn Rimes, whom he later married. Brandi was a full-time housewife on Season 3 – 5 of RHOBH, and on Season 2 and Season 6 Brandi was a “friend of.”

“She changed,” Lisa explained. “When she first came on the show, she was more fun, and fresh and funny and outspoken. Then she got really bitter, I think that’s when she lost a lot of her audience. She became [so] kind of nasty.”

Though the two women no longer speak, Lisa is still linked to Brandi through the Joanna Krupa defamation lawsuit. Several years ago while on Watch What Happens Live, Brandi made the shocking and tacky claim that Joanna’s private parts smelled bad. Brandi also alleged that Joanna had an affair Mohamed Hadid while he was still married to Yolanda.

“I’m sorry now I’ve been dragged into this lawsuit with the whole Joanna Krupa smelly coochie thing,” Lisa said to McCarthy. “It’s annoying. I wish Krupa would drop it.”

Lisa speculated as to how the case might be settled. “What’s it gonna be, a scratch and sniff test?”


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