Twitter Drags Kailyn Lowry’s Third Pregnancy; She Claims The Baby Was Planned & Who’s The Baby Daddy? #TeenMom2

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Teem Mom 2 star, Kailyn Lowry tried to pull a Jenelle Evans on us!

The 24-year-old reality star initially denied her pregnancy but the cat is out of the bag now, and Kailyn finally confirmed what we all knew.

“I am pregnant,” she wrote Thursday night.

“I’m sad that I should have known that people in my life would sell me out before I was ready,”  Kailyn dished in her blog. “Like any normal person, I want it to be a happy time. I wanted this to be a private time…”

I guess when you live in the public eye, you don’t get to keep your 3rd pregnancy by a 3rd baby daddy private. 

The new baby will join big brothers, Issac (fathered by Jo Rivera), and Lincoln (fathered by Kailyn’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin). But the biggest secret is still a mystery. Who is the father?

We know it’s not Javi. This season of Teen Mom 2 has focused on Kailyn’s cold shoulder to her husband when he returned from overseas. Javi came back to nothing — his family torn apart  and his wife treating him. He even found Kailyn cozying up to another man in the home they bought as a couple. Nothing says, “Thanks for your service” like cheating on your man and getting knocked up before the ink is dry on the divorce papers, no?

We were told the main reason Kailyn and Javi divorced was because she refused to have more children. She addressed this in her statement.

“I was filmed on the show saying I didn’t want any more kids, but I’m pregnant again. I know so many will have comments on this, but here’s the thing — I didn’t want to bring another child into a failing marriage.”

Kailyn insisted the baby wasn’t a mistake, but a planned decision.

“When I started thinking long and hard, I knew I wanted more. This was the choice I made… I know this isn’t an ideal situation, but I know everything will be okay.”

She even managed to get in a plug for her new book. 

“…like I say in my book — with a little bit of hustle and heart, I can and I will survive anything.”

Fan reactions are split. The majority of Teen Mom 2 fans are dragging Kailyn for popping out another baby. Some think the single mom is being selfish and should take care of her current responsibilities.

Rumors abound over who the father could be. Some have suggested that Kail is in a romance with her MTV producer, JC Cueva.

Though Kailyn denied the stories of an onset romance:

“Omg no! He’s my producer.”

JC had some very interesting things to say about Kailyn.

“I think I have a really good relationship with Kail. I was a new person coming in; her previous field producer had been with her for years and years. I had big shoes to fill, but I think I did a good job. I joke around with her a lot. She likes me as a person, but she hates that I have to be a producer sometimes. We get along really great, and I think she respects me.”

So how will things work with a 3rd baby and a 3rd man added into the mix? Is this a case of irresponsibility or a happy happenstance? What’s your take?


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