EXCLUSIVE: ‘Married to Medicine’ Reunion Season 4 Part 2 Spoilers — Lisa Nicole’s Husband Confronts The Ladies! #Married2Med

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Married to Medicine Reunion Part 2 wraps tonight (Feb 24), with a fiery finish to the tense cast sit-down.

Can’t wait to sip tonight’s tea? Check out Allaboutthetea.com’s EXCLUSIVE spoilers, as an appetizer to the season 4 reunion episode! 

Mariah Huq on Blast
  • Andy accuses Mariah of throwing the darkest shade of the season at Quad. Dr. Heavenly claims that Mariah is jealous of Quad, because the group “chose her” over Mariah. “You’re wanting people to hate me — but they love me more!” Quad fires, blasting Mariah. Mariah hopes that time will mend her friendship with Dr. Simone. Heavenly tries to address Mariah’s comments about Simone’s teeth — but Mariah shoots back, calling Heavenly’s teeth an “over-yonder-bite.” “I think you’re dingy, dirty, dusty,” Mariah snaps. Dr. Jackie shades Mariah’s intelligence, and comments that she is “irked” by her body language. Mariah admits that most of her relationships within the group are “rocky.
Dr. Jackie and Curtis
  • Curtis and Jackie’s marriage is put in the spotlight. Dr. Eugene shares that he relates to Jackie, and has to remind himself to keep his family a priority. Jackie believes that there is a double-standard, and her hours at work are more criticized because she is a woman. Heavenly believes that Jackie’s career is a true calling. Curtis reveals that they are “working on” the relationship. “If we find that we’re making each other miserable, and I’m not being the best help-mate I can be for Curtis,” Jackie says, dropping a bomb. “I think he deserves someone who makes him happy.”
The Birthday Blackball
  • Quad and Dr. Gregory shutting out Mariah and Dr. Aydin from Dr. G’s birthday party is addressed. Gregory states that he did not expect the decision to turn ugly and insulting. Quad says that the travel money left at the door for Mariah was considerate — the others call the move “pure shade.”
Darren’s Truth
  • Andy points out that Dr. Darren has been the subject of gossip for two seasons, before he gives Darren the floor. Darren denies being gay or having a sexual experience with any male. Darren points to Toya’s “gay ass husband” comment as insulting to the LGBT community. Quad talks down to Darren, and Andy calls her out as rude. Darren admits to doing “some things that are dishonest,” but denies any infidelity issues. Lisa blasts Darren for giving the group “ammunition.” “You need to stop doing dumb sh*t that embarrasses me,” Lisa says.
Breast Friends
  • Quad assures Mariah that she never kept the other women away from her. Heavenly and Lisa both imply that they want to let go of the bad feelings. Toya shares a nice memory about a postpartum visit from Mariah. Heavenly offers some kind thoughts about Lisa, and Lisa says that Quad “loves hard.” 

Fill in the blanks, and watch the second half of the Married to Medicine Reunion tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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