#RHOBH Eileen Davidson Says Lisa Rinna Has ‘No Reason To Lie’ About Kim Richards ‘Enabler’ Drama!

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Though the drama was relatively low-key on the most recent episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it was delightfully free of Eileen Davidson. And that’s the way I like it. She phoned in sick this week, and I sighed in relief.

But that doesn’t mean Eileen doesn’t have time to defend her friend, Lisa Rinna, in this week’s blog. Because that’s apparently all Eileen is good for — backing up Rinna.

“I think this bears repeating: Lisa R. clearly did not remember what she’d said to Eden. There’s no reason to lie. Lisa R. knows she was on camera!”

Are we really buying this “I don’t remember” line of defense? Or is Rinna desperately hoping to squirm out of it somehow?

“The only explanation is that she did not remember. If she did, she would own it. That is who Lisa R. is, and we all know that about her by now. I am feeling for her in this moment.”

I think you’re in a small minority, Eileen. Because I don’t feel the least bit sorry for Rinna. Eden Sassoon told Lisa Vanderpump almost word for word what had been related to her via Rinna.

And just for the record, how ridic is it that Rinna is getting her thong in a twist over the fact that Eden spilled the beans to LVP, while Rinna herself was talking behind Kim Richards’ back?! Does she even see the irony here?

Eileen sure doesn’t. Not only has she blamed this whole mess on Kim for daring to have an opinion about how Eileen and Rinna work each other up into a lather, but Eileen is also pissed that Dorit Kemsley talked to Eden about Rinna’s little bag o’ pills.

“…we know it wasn’t right for Lisa R. to speak about Kim in the context of her sobriety. But then what is Dorit doing by repeatedly bringing up Lisa R.’s “pills” and insinuating Lisa has a problem?! Ick.”

It would certainly explain the “memory loss” though, wouldn’t it? You can’t have it both ways, cupcake. Either Rinna is lying or she doesn’t remember saying such a monumental thing. And if she doesn’t remember, isn’t it natural to point out that Rinna carries around her own pharmacy?

Eileen was too ill to make it to Rinna’s charity award dinner. Something about pink eye.

“I’m proud of Lisa R., and I’m in awe of all the work she’s done for Project Angel Food over the years. Being recognized for that is a huge honor.”

And then Eileen works in a humble brag.

“…Lisa R., don’t disrespect the Soap Opera Digest Awards! At least you won one. I was just nominated. Five times.”

Ugh. Eileen. She’s the equivalent to a glass of warm tap water.

So, did you miss her presence on the latest episode?


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