Twitter Drags Cardi B Over Violent Shoe Assault At ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ Reunion!

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After a season full of arguments and shade, the first part of the season 7 Love & Hip Hop: New York reunion was explosive!

Cardi B had some things to get off her chests with Swift’s ex-girlfriend, Asia. During the reunion Cardi became so frustrated with Asia, she took off her platform six-inch Gucci heel and threw it at her, hitting Asia in the chest.

After the shoe-dust settled – for a while – Asia was told she is a prejudging hater! When asked about why she thought Swift’s girlfriend Asia had issues with her, Cardi says she feels Asia is insecure. Cardi wants her name to be kept out of Asia’s mouth, regardless of how she felt about the nature of Cardi and Swift’s working relationship. Press play to watch the show assault below.

Asia insists she has good reason to feel the way she does, all having to do with Swift, but can’t say what that is because Cardi B won’t shut up, even though she was the one who kept asking what that reason was. Asia calls Cardi out, saying she won’t do anything, this made Cardi leap again.

Many LHHNY fans did not support Cardi‘s violent behavior and labeled the NY rapper a bully on social media.

Cardi acknowledged the fan criticism over #shoegate — letting them know — she’s ‘not a bully.’ And, ‘If I don’t like somebody imma go ham like everybody would but I been apologized to Asia THOO .LOOKINGLIKEICAUGHTALICK.’


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